Straight Short Hair Style Hacks to Have Messier Hair

Having the non-polished slightly textured hair has been the demand of the youngsters these days. Well, this culture is certainly been practiced by the new working generation as well. Why not adopt this trend as it is so easy and something which is the need of an hour. Having to curl or style your hair every day is not what we have to be doing. So let’s learn how we can make short hair look classy and an accessory which could beautify our looks. With a due let’s get to the hairdo which you can do with your short hair and enhance your feminine glow.

Top Knot


Straight hairs are usually silky. So if you happen to be doing any of the hairstyles on the first day it can be tricky. So let some of the dirt particles settle in your hair the first day and try on these styles the second day. Before you have any of the hair-do make sure you have applied some hair products in them like a hair spray or texture spray anything to hold the style you are going to make. Firstly, take the middle section of your hair and give it a pompadour kind of look from the front. Now, securing the puff using two bobby pins cross each other draw some hair from the temple, and tie those using a hair tie. Make sure that with the third knot you don’t pass all the hair. Leave a few creating a loop. You can leave the loop be or use a bobby pin to give it a more finished look.

Pompadour Style


This is a simple style in which you don’t have to do much to your hair. Firstly take a small section from the center of your head and make a puff out of it. It shouldn’t be too big, keep it small and not too high. Using two bobby pin secure the puff. You can pin up both the pin in the opposite direction in a criss-cross manner. After that, you need to brush up your hair and tease them a little to make them look voluminous. You can backcomb them if you like, or just push your figure in your hair in an upward direction. This will lift your hair if you have added a little bit of hair texture in your hair. Give a lift is necessary otherwise the look will be bland.

Hair Twist


This hairstyle is super easy and it looks like you have done a lot of effort creating it. Well, the reality is that you need to just twist your hair a little and secure them using a bobby pin. So, firstly take a section of your hair from the right temple. Now, start to twist it. You need to twist it towards the right side and then secure at the crown of your head using a bobby pin or elastic. Now, take a similar strand from the exact left of the twisted strand and twist it towards the right side. Remember you need to go in opposite directions here. If you rolled the first one towards the right then roll the second one towards left. Make four of these until you have reached the temple on the left side of your head. All of these have to be secured on the crown of your head.

Two Buns


To make this hair-do. Firstly comb your hair and then, make the center partition. Now, grab the hair from the center to the temple of your head and tie this section using a hair tie. You need to do the same on both sides. Now take a comb and backcomb your tiny little ponytails on the right and the left. Since now they are fluffy, wrap them like a bun and secure them using a bobby pin or you can use a tie band over the bun.