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Stunning smokey eye makeup looks that are worth trying

Smokey eye makeup has a lot of lovers and admirers. It is one of the most stunning and sultry eye makeup looks out there. Smokey eye is best known for its versatility and statement-making ability. Almost every person can pull off this eye makeup look, but it most definitely isn’t the easiest to create. The person creating a smokey eye look must have excellent makeup, or at least blending skills, since working with eyeshadows is mostly about blending, you should be good with eyeshadow brushes, especially when it comes to blending the eyeshadows. That said, the smokey eye makeup doesn’t come in just one form, it can be rocked in a plethora of gorgeous ways.

Smokey eye makeup has always been in trend, it is one of the easiest ways to make a statement with your makeup and spice up your look. Apart from the classic smokey eye, this eye makeup look can be recreated in other stunning ways, and if you are curious to know about them, then continue reading.


The classic smokey eye

If you are looking for a fail-safe option, then the classic smokey eye is probably your best bet. You can never really go wrong with this eye makeup look; it looks bold, sultry, and simply stunning without looking too imposing. In order to create this look, you will need all matte products; however, you can also choose to add a bit of shimmer to brighten up your eye makeup. The best thing about the classic smokey eye makeup is it not only makes the eyes look bigger and beautiful but also suits every eye shape.


One product smokey eye

If you don’t have all the products you need to create a smokey eye look, then you can put your kohl to good use. Yes, it’s possible to create a smokey eye look with just one product, and believe us, the results will be as stunning as any other smokey eye makeup. Take your kohl, apply it to your lids, and then nicely blend it with the help of your eyeshadow brush. Don’t forget to smudge some kohl on your lower lashes as well. For final touches, line your lashline and make sure to tightline as well. Complete the look with coats of mascara, and you will be good to go.


Shimmery smokey eye

If you are heading to an evening party, and your makeup could use some drama and shimmer, then you should definitely opt for shimmery smokey eye makeup. You can pick a shimmery eyeshadow palette with nude shades to create a dense eye look. After creating the look, make sure to highlight the inner corners of your eyes and eyebrow arches using the lightest shade from the same palette. Make sure to apply eyeliner and kohl to your lashline and waterline to complete the look.


Purple smokey eye

Who said browns and blacks are the only shades that can be used to create a smokey eye look? You can totally use other shades as well, and what better than the stunning purple shade? If you want to add more drama and a pop of color to your smokey eye look, then you should definitely recreate the purple smokey eye. You can recreate this eye makeup look using a purple matte eyeshadow or crayon. Apply the shade to your lids, and then blend it with your eyeshadow brush. Finish off the look by tightlining and applying kohl over your lashline.


Everyday smokey eye

Smokey eye makeup doesn’t always have to be on the heavier side, you can always choose to keep it light and subtle by adjusting the intensity of the look according to your preference. On days when you want your eye makeup to look simple yet captivating, you can choose to create an everyday smokey eye. Instead of black, use a cool-toned taupe shade. Also, don’t forget to apply coats of mascara to your lashes.