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Styling tips and tricks to make an old floral dress feel new again

Floral dresses are a spring wardrobe staple, they add a burst of colors and patterns to an otherwise plain and dark winter wardrobe. Dresses with cute and colorful floral prints instantly add so much life to the wardrobe, and the thing that makes these dresses even more interesting is the fact that they are supremely easy to wear and style. You can literally style your floral dresses in a myriad of ways and make them appear all the more cute and chic.
We are about to approach spring, and we are certain you must be dying to slip into your favorite floral dresses.

Some girls shy away from repeating their outfits, and if you are not one of them and don’t mind repeating your outfits, then you have come to the right place. Whether it’s a floral dress that you bought just last spring/summer or the one that’s in your wardrobe for quite some time now, there are a couple of ways to make your old floral dress feel new all over again.

Ahead, we have listed a handful of styling tips and tricks that will help change the whole vibe of your floral dress.


Pair it with bright shoes

The selection of shoes can make a big difference to your outfit, and when it comes to making your floral dress look more elevated and dressier, you should look no further than a bright pair of shoes. They will instantly add so much life to your floral dress and make it feel new all over again. You can either pick a color that complements your dress or go for a contrasting pair.


Add a blazer over your dress

One of the easiest ways to make your floral dress look more sophisticated and put together is by layering a blazer over it. For instance, if you are heading to a place where the setting will be a bit formal or professional, but you are not in the mood to don a proper pantsuit, you can simply layer a structured yet lightweight blazer over your floral dress for a neat and professional look. This is an amazing trick to rock a floral dress to your work.


Cinch the waist with a belt

This one is yet another easy way to change the whole vibe of your floral dress. Cinching your waist with the help of a belt instantly makes the dress look more elevated and chic. Apart from that, belting your dress also helps change its silhouette while making it look more structured and adding more character to it. You can go for any kind of belt for this job, but thinner styles are more comfortable and easy to wear.


Sport it with sneakers

If you are not in the mood to wear fancy heels or want to keep the entire look a bit casual yet chic, then you should definitely go for a pair of sneakers. Sporting a pair of sneakers with floral dresses instantly changes the energy of the outfit while adding a street-style vibe to the look. Even if your floral dress is 5 years old, pairing it with sneakers will instantly make it feel new all over again.

Add jewelry

Accessorizing the look with the help of jewelry can make a world of difference to your outfit. And when it comes to floral dresses, you can make them feel new again by adding different pieces of jewelry. An easy way to give your floral dress a bohemian touch is by adding a few long layered necklaces to the look; you can also wear bracelets and earrings to jazz things up even more.