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Styling up as an E-girl

E-girl or the electronic girl is a way of styling and dressing. People who like games, electronic devices, are active on the internet are usually the ones that come under this category. E-girl is a style of clothing where you mix several styles such as gothic, grunge, doll-like anime, and even the skater aesthetic. Several celebrities style up in this aesthetic. There are so many different elements in this stunning aesthetic for you to know about. If you are interested in this aesthetic and are looking for ideas and ways to know how can you style like this then look at the list below to know more.


Here we present you a list that gives you an idea about what types of clothes to buy if you are planning on styling up in this aesthetic.

  1. Plaid skirts

This is a must-have in this aesthetic. This is one of the girliest pieces of clothing that you can own and style as per your comfort. If you are a fan of colors then you can go on and get some stunning neon or vibrant colored skirts but if you do not like these colors that much then you can go for some dark colors as well. Black color looks stunning in this aesthetic. You can style these with a crop top or a tank top or can even go for a hoodie or sweatshirt. Accessories this and you get a look.

  1. Oversized T-shirts

Being comfortable is a must. Here you can get some oversized t-shirts from your favorite band or show and wear them. You can layer it up by adding a full-sleeved t-shirt underneath. If possible try to create a contrast with different layers. You can wear these oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts with a pant or a skirt. These can be paired with anything and can be styled easily. Try wearing bright colors when you are styling up for this aesthetic. You can also use some stunning neon colors here.

  1. Vibrant colored trousers and pants

When it comes to clothes this aesthetic is all about being electric and vibrant. They usually either style in bright colors or wear black. Here the pants and trousers worn are either black or some vibrant or even pastel colors. This aesthetic is all about being out and not blending in with the crowd. For that, you need to wear colors that can make you look different and people can easily spot you. Bright-colored pants and trousers paired with a top or t-shirt are a great outfit. Cargos and denim pants are the go-to in this style. You can accessorize this with chains, belts, etc.

  1. Chunky sneaker

Chunky sneakers are in trend as they not only provide you extra height but they also provide you with an enhancement in your outfit. You get some new elements in your look. Similarly, these boots are used as the common footwear and people wear these with skirts, trousers, pants, etc. these boots give a rebellious aura and a funk to the dress and thus are here in this aesthetic. Chunky platform sneakers are the most sort of sneakers when it comes to this style and people go on getting these sneakers in all different colors ranging from simple black or white and going up to hot pink or even neon colors.

  1. Feminine accessories

This aesthetic has a feminine touch to it and to complete the look you can get as many feminine accessories as you want. You can get yourself some clips to style your hair up, some beanies to have that grunge look, or even some necklaces and fishnet tights. All these accessories uplift the look and complete the outfit. These make the outfit look stunning and energetic doing justice to the style.


This is all about mixing the right kinds of clothes and colors and creating some stunning looks with it. You can get the ones mentioned above or you can look at the celebrities that wear and style up in this aesthetic to know more about how and what you can do to dress up. There are so many different combinations and colors you can use and create different outfits with. Get ready and dress up as an E-girl.