Fashion Guide

Summer Essentials for the Young Women

Being young in the work industry really brings a big difference in or closet. Where earlier we were all about jeans and shorts, the work closet has to be something pretty and decent. However, during the summer we find it difficult to dress in those elegant blouses which cover our whole body. Summer is the time to feel refreshed and flaunt your body a bit, in order to do you; we need to invest in some casual summer piece. The pieces required in the summer closet will be specified below. So let’s get to the summer essentials.

Crop Top

Wearing a crop top during the summer is a must. You can style your crop top in several ways. It can be worn with skirts, shorts, or even your mid-rise or high rise jeans. If your crop top has straps then you might want to go for denim jeans. You can wear a crop top with a long skirt or even short which aren’t mini. These tops look chic with the white sneaker because it makes your look more casual, which is what we want to do during summer. You can take Bermuda shorts with these or any form of summer shorts you like.

White Tee

Having a white tee is something extremely basic for a summer wardrobe. Wearing a white tee with light wash flared denim can be your most favorite go-to look in summer. As I have specified it before that you need to dress up nude garments under white tee or pants. Always wear your nude bra and top it with a white tee. A white tee with shorts also is a comfortable summer look. You can wear printed cotton relaxed fit shorts with a white tee of you can choose to wear a graphic white tee with plain shorts. Each outfit makes sense if you go for a white tee. I will suggest you to have these in pairs as these are worn most often. You can wear any necklace with your white tee because each detail will be visible with these.

White Scandals

We all know that flip flops are the footwear of the summer. However, if you try on some sandals in summer then you will forget that the flip flops even exist. It is extremely difficult to find a nice pair of flip flops, which are not only trendy but have style as well. You can wear summer sandals for your office and even when you are out in the streets enjoying your weekend. These are basically everyone necessities more than a desire. The sole of trendy flip flops is mostly thin which makes it difficult for women to wear them. Besides the scandals not only have thick platform sole but these also offer support to the foot. You must get yourselves the three basis colors in scandals one is white, and the second one is black. The last option to look at is nude. You can wear scandals not only with shorts but they look nice paired with dresses as well.


To find a dress for the summer you need to look at your preference. If you like body-hugging dresses then you can go for them. The trend in the summer is usually to wear a relaxed fit dress. However, the oversize one makes an appearance as if you have stepped out wearing your nightgown. So consider your body shape and see which dress will be more suitable for your body type. Most of the women chose to wear wrap dresses in summer and not to forget the A-line. Even when you have eaten generously you will be able to hide the tummy behind these. So get yourself two dresses in your summer collection. It can be medium length and one in long ankle length. These are just suggestions you can go for a mini dress as well.