Summer’s the Braided Hair Season

As you know it’s about to be summer soon and in this season most of us women, especially those of us have long hair prefer to tie our hair most of the time. Tying hair isn’t just a simple process of combing hair and shapes them in a bun over the head and secures it with some hair clips. You can style them up in various braids. Braiding is a hair protection practice, which is followed by many cultures in the ancient history. Thus, you can see this art graved on stones in many historical paintings. So, let’s see what braiding styles you can follow this season.

French Braid

These braids are so cool. It takes all your hair and ties them in a symmetrical manner. Moreover, this braid keeps your hair length, usually, when you tie your hairs into braid your hair looks shorter but for this one, you take three small sections and gradually add on more hair with each folding. This maintains your hair in good shape. Furthermore, it stops them from falling out and making you feel irritated. If you wear this braid to your collage wear then you will look chic and sophisticated. If you have thin hair then, you can add pull out some hair from the strands and you will get a thick French braid.

Twisted Pony Tail

This style is such an easy way to tie your hair tidily when you are in a rush. Although you will need some practice if you have silky hair as the braid keeps on falling, but gradually with practice, you will fall in love with this style. So what you need to do is make a ponytail and divide it into two sections. Twist the first strand and roll it over the second one now twist the second strand and roll it over the first one and follow it till the end. Again you can pull out some hair to make it look thick. Don’t just twist the first section till the end and roll it over the second as it will open soon and you will lose the look in just 5 minutes that too if you have curly hairs. Follow one on another.

Fish Tail

For this style, you need to divide your hair into two parts. If you are a beginner then, I will suggest you make a loose ponytail to the end and follow the steps. One more thing is to secure a pony use a rubber band that you can cut and throw after use. So divide your ponytail into two equal parts and draw the hair strand from the outer corner of the first section, fold it and mix it with the second section. Similarly, take a small strand from the second section outer corner and merge it with the first section, keep it tight and follow it till the end. You can pick small strands as well as larger strands depending upon how much time you have. You will see how the braid comes out sleek and beautiful.

Loop and hair

For this hairstyle, you will need some invisible rubber bands. Begin by creating a low ponytail and place another rubber band leaving around 2-3 figures gap from the first rubber band. Now divide the middle section in between the two rubber bands into two halves and pass the remaining hair from that loop. Again follow the same procedure, place a rubber band a distance and divide the hair into two halves. Now, take the remaining hair and pass it through the loop. You need to follow this until you have reached the hair end. You can pull out some hair before you pass them through the loop as well as after passing them through the loop.
Girls take care of your hair this summer and don’t let the sun rays harm them. Make sure you cover your hair with a hat or a scarf while you are out in the sun.