Sunblock myths you need to shun right away

There are a lot of myths that surround this amazing product and many of them might be true up to a certain extent. But some of them are just so fake that it is hard to believe how can one even pay heed to such a thought! A sunblock with higher SPF is supposed to protect your skin every day of the year and that is why it is a must to have it applied to your skin without fail. Here are some of the most irrelevant myths that are so untrue about sunblocks- you should shun them from your thought process right away. These will help you buy the right kind of sunblock for you and give you protection from the sun.

#1 Higher price means better protection

It is a strong belief about a sunblock as well as many other beauty products that if it is on the expensive and luxurious side, then it will obviously be good. This is one of the prime reasons why everyone craves expensive beauty products. They think that this ultra-luxe product will fulfill their flawless skin goals. But actually, that is not even the case. You don’t have to buy an expensive brand to give your skin the necessary protection but you need to pay attention to other factors. So, while picking the right sunblock, pay attention to a higher SPF number as well as a 4-star UVA rating. This would allow the person to stay in the sun for a longer period and also decrease the risk of sunburns.

#2 Base tan protects from skin damage

All those popular tan places that you think will protect your skin from damaging are just playing with your minds. The ultimate benefit of having a base tan for a tanning salon before your vacation is to get that desired skin tone you want for the beach. It has literally nothing to do with protecting your skin from the damage. Instead, it will wreck it even more! This is because when you get tanned in the natural sun, it means that your skin has been damaged a bit. This is a natural signal and that is why it might heal with time. But if you think that getting a base tan before even going out in the sun will save your skin, we have a piece of news for you. Going to a tanning salon and getting a base tan done for yourself will induce the risk of melanoma which in turn, affects the skin very badly. It might even cause irreparable damage!

#3 You don’t need SPF on a cloudy day

Whoever said this obviously doesn’t have the most flawless skin in the world. This is actually the most believable thing to say because it is said that SPFs are meant only to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays. But even if it is a cloudy day, you need sunblock and here’s why. Even if it’s a cloudy day, that doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburnt. This is absolute stupidity to believe that sun rays alone cause all the sunburns. Even the sun rays can penetrate through the clouds so the next time you feel hot or a warm breeze of air hits your hair, you should know that is the sun. In fact, you’re more likely to get burnt on a cloudy day because you think you don’t need any kind of protection and that is when they hit you badly. So, never forgo to apply sunblock, no matter what happens. Be mindful of this thought always.

#4 Higher SPF has higher levels of harmful chemicals

Again not true! If you believe that a sunblock with higher SPF has a higher level of chemicals that will harm your skin, you are absolutely wrong. This is believed to be true because sunblock has a lot of added elements that protect the skin but that doesn’t mean they are harmful to your skin. They have been curated and added to this sunblock in such a way that you are able to reap ultimate benefits out of them. But if you have sensitive skin, dermatologists recommend buying mineral-based sunscreens instead of chemical sunscreens for ultra-protection. You can also look for herbal formulas or all those products that have zinc and titanium as an added base.