Surprising ways to use a makeup setting spray

We know of a lot of beauty products that we are truly thankful for, and a makeup setting spray is definitely one of those products. This incredible product has become an indispensable part of our lives and makeup routine, and we most definitely cannot do without this product. While the primary purpose of a makeup setting spray is to set your makeup and help keep it in place for a longer time, it can do a lot more than that, and that’s what we are about to share with you.

Retouching your makeup every few hours feels too frustrating at times. Sometimes you just don’t have the time and sometimes you just feel lazy to do makeup touch-ups. If that’s an everyday problem for you, you could totally benefit from befriending a makeup setting spray. If you are familiar with this product, you may have already heard of its many benefits, which are quite amazing. But today, we are here to share with you a couple of surprising ways to use a makeup setting spray other than just setting your makeup.


Use it as a substitute for your primer

Did you run out of your primer or do you simply don’t want to invest in a primer? Whatever the case is, you should know that a primer is one of the main keys to flawless base makeup, and hence shouldn’t be avoided. But if you don’t have a primer with you for any reason, you can simply use a makeup setting spray to prime your face. Surprisingly, this hack really works and helps your foundation look gorgeous, and also makes it last longer. Spray some setting spray on your face before putting on your foundation and then blend it with your makeup sponge.


Helps blend your base

Some foundations have a drying formula; they dry too quickly after the application, making it hard to blend it perfectly. If you also face the same issue with your foundation, then here’s an excellent hack for you. Take your makeup setting spray and spritz it on your face after applying foundation. Now, take your beauty sponge and start blending your foundation to achieve an airbrushed look. Apart from that, this hack will also ensure long-lasting and even coverage.


Use it as a makeup refresher

One of the easiest ways to refresh your makeup in a jiffy is by using your makeup setting spray. If you don’t have the time to redo your makeup, you can use this hack to refresh your makeup in an instant. Spritz some amount of makeup setting spray all over your face and allow it to dry completely. Now, take your translucent powder and apply it on the areas of your face that tend to get oily such as your T-zone and chin.


Helps make your eyeshadow pop

Some eyeshadows don’t look as pigmented on the lids as they look in palettes. If you always have a hard time making certain eyeshadow pigments look all bright and beautiful on your lids, this hack might solve your problem. Before picking the color on a flat brush, make sure to wet it with a makeup setting spray. This will help to give you an opaque and metallic finish.


To make your highlighter look intense

Aiming to achieve a look where you look like a glowing goddess? Your regular highlighter alone might not be able to help you achieve that, but a combination of highlighter and makeup setting spray may give you the desired results. Spray some makeup setting spray on the bridge of your nose and cheekbones before applying your highlighter. This will help to make the color pop, thereby making you look like a glowing goddess.