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The All New Skincare Trends

Just like your favorite little black dress or a Gucci crossbody, taking care of your skin is one investment that will never go out of style. Skincare these days is not restricted to the usual CTM routine but has evolved into a lot bigger thing. The routine of skincare is all been revolutionized from past years with whole new products that are a lot more effective and time-efficient. The latest trends in skincare have taken the beauty industry by storm, and there is no going back. Who all don’t want their skin to look glowy and free from “bad stuff” such as pigmentation, blemishes, zits, and wrinkles. Skincare has all grown into a backseat for makeup.
Like, fashion, there are skincare trends too that are all about the latest and greatest beauty innovations. Everything that is being introduced cannot be owned and applied to our skins. So, here, are few skincare trends that are worth the hype and are recommended to give a shot.

Sheet Masks

You are for sure living under the rock if you’ve not heard about sheet masks. These are another beauty treatment soaked in nutrition and hydration for the skin. Sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics that are to be applied on the face for about 10 to 15 minutes. The sheet is made up of a variety of materials including papers, fibers or gel types. Unlike a normal face mask, these are to be used for a shorter duration and offer a onetime use. These sheets are available in various variants to choose from.
Apply it at night or before applying makeup and your face will get soaked in hydration. Make sure to use it after you’ve applied toner and prior to the sheet mask use your favorite moisturizer and you are done with your weekly skincare.

Sleeping Pack

The sleeping mask is a fancy name given to overnight masks. The aim of the sleeping mask is to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin as you get your beauty sleep. We all know in the night our skin repairs naturally, it’s the best time to apply skincare products and that too the skincare that specifically targets night time.
Dry skin beauties should definitely try these sleeping packs to get a boost of hydration in their skin as they wake up. Though it is not a necessity to use them. But if you have stressed, dehydrated or very dry skin then you can surely give them a shot. You can surely add these in your skincare glossary for those extra days when you want a boost of plumpness you’ve been missing.

Capsule Skincare


Capsule skincare is primarily based on a single-use concept. From moisturizers to cleansers, this skincare has pre-portioned everything into single uses. That sounds so interesting. It’s perfect for travel, great from the hygiene point of view, and ensures that you’re using the right amount, thus minimizing wastage.
It is usually designed in a capsule or ampoule form. The product is filled in a capsule and thus is called capsule skincare. Highly recommended.

Aqua Filling

Aqua filling is all about filling the skin with hydration. The name might sound scary to you but the trend is isn’t that scary. Aqua Filling’s sole aim is to make your skin plumper, juicer and healthier and that too injection-free. Tremella, a type of fungus that can hold 500 times its weight in water, is the star ingredient of these products. The next-level hydration technology is blowing up.


This is not a skincare product but a skincare ingredient. Ginseng is the news for good reasons. Ginseng is mainly found in Korean products. Ginseng benefits in restoring the intensity of the skin. It’s great for providing hydration. Many companies have started bringing products that are infused with ginseng and its goodness. So, try to adopt some good ginseng products in your skincare. It’s our favorite too.