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The best guide to building a minimalist makeup collection

2020 taught us many lessons, and they were not just about life in general, some of them revolved around beauty. It helped us change our approach in a myriad of ways. Aside from making us feel more confident and comfortable in our skin and encouraging us to embrace our natural selves, it also helped us level up our skincare game and improve the quality of our skin. Given the fact that we didn’t go out a lot in 2020 and spent most of our time inside our homes only, our makeup products didn’t really see the light of day for months. And now that we have entered a new year, tossing away the expired products and investing in new beauty products is all we are doing at the moment.

Of all the beauty trends that are going to be huge in 2021, the minimalist makeup trend is garnering a lot of attention. It is an excellent way to approach makeup this year, and if you are willing to go minimal with makeup in 2021, then here’s the right way to build a minimalist makeup collection.


Essentials first

Whether you are building a minimalist makeup collection or any other makeup collection, the following essentials should be a part of your collection- primer, foundation, concealer, the color palette for eyes and cheeks, long-lasting lipstick, liner, and mascara. These are essential makeup products; you won’t need anything besides these makeup products in your minimalist makeup collection. When it comes to purchasing these makeup products, you should always make sure that they are fail-proof and easy to apply.


Stick to the classics

Adding essentials to your collection is one of the most important steps in this entire process, and once are you with that; you need to add some classics to your collection. A classic makeup product can be anything based on your personal style and taste, if you like sporting red lips, you should include red lipstick in your collection. Similarly, other makeup products like tinted brow gel, pink powder blush, and other statement-making products will make a great addition to your collection.


Pick the tools

The way your makeup looks largely depends on the tools you have used. Hence it’s essential to include the right tools in your makeup collection. Owning a myriad of makeup brushes won’t necessarily help you create different makeup looks, you just need to know how to use makeup brushes correctly in order to make your every makeup look appear more seamless and flawless. From brushes and eyelash curlers to brow spoolies and sponges, you can pick the tools according to your makeup needs.


Invest in multi-tasking makeup products

Investing in multi-tasking makeup products is one of the best things you can do when it comes to building a minimalist makeup collection. It won’t only help you save time and money but energy and space as well. For instance, a multi-pigmented highlighter does a wonderful job of adding shimmer to different parts of your face, similarly, a lip tint works beautifully as a lippie, blush, and even a creamy eyeshadow, it’s all about being creative with your makeup products.


Add fun items to your collection

You don’t have to restrict your makeup collection to just basics and essentials; you can also add several exciting and fun products to it. There are a couple of makeup products that can switch your look in an instant with minimal effort such as colored eyeliners, neon palettes, colored mascaras, etc. These fun products will help add extra oomph and interest to your makeup look.