The best guide to knowing when and how to use hairstyling products

There is no dearth of hair products in the market, every day we get to spot a new hair product. While some products get too much hype, some go unnoticed. However, every hair product is pretty important in its own way; you can’t claim one product to be important and the other to be insignificant. Sure, there are some hair care products that are extremely important, it doesn’t mean the remaining ones are less important. Every hair product is designed to serve an important purpose and address your hair’s different needs and issues. Shampoos, conditioners, and serums are some of the most discussed hair products, and the products that are more complex and confusing to use are often never discussed, and that’s just sad. If you are wondering which hair products we are talking about, they happen to be none other than hairstyling products.
Believe it or not, the majority of us use these hairstyling products in the wrong way pretty much all the time, and even our reasons aren’t right when it comes to using these products. Not being able to achieve the desired results is a complete waste of product, which is why we took it on ourselves to make you understand the basics about the said products. Here’s your guide to knowing when and how you should use these products.

Hair spray


Hair spray is one of those products that most of us have on our beauty shelves and is used quite often. This product helps to set your hair in place and keep your hairstyle intact throughout the day. Additionally, it not only helps to add extra shine to your locks and tame flyaways, but it also helps to tease the hair to add some volume to it. The product is only supposed to be used when your hair is thoroughly dry, you can use it before and after styling your hair. In order to create volume in your hair, spray the product on a small section of your hair and then tease it.

Hair gel

Hair gel is yet another great product to have in your beauty arsenal; it can help you serve some of the sexiest looks such as wet hair look. On being applied to the hair, the sticky consistency of the gel makes your hair stiff. Additionally, it gives your hair a glossy finish and a pretty strong hold. You can apply hair gel on both damp and dry hair to get a sculpted and wet hair look. Take some hair gel on your palm and gently rub it on your hair. After that, you can run a comb through your hair to distribute the gel evenly to your locks.


Whether it’s volume or curls, mousse can make them look pretty enhanced in an instant. It is a creamy or foamy hair product that not only makes your hair look voluminous but also leaves it softer and shinier. You can apply the product on wet or dry hair; just make sure to apply it before styling or blow-drying your tresses. Mousse is supposed to be applied on the roots directly, and once you are done doing that, you can distribute it evenly to your locks by running a comb through your hair.

Sea salt spray

The easiest way to add texture to your mane is by using a sea salt spray. Not only that, it also helps in achieving beautiful beach waves by adding some volume and waves to your hair. You can use a sea salt spray on dry or towel-dried hair. Start spraying the product from the bottom of your hair and then work your way up. Also, make sure you are scrunching your hair with your hands to create beautiful waves.