The Correct Way To Condition Your Hair

Applying conditioner is not that simple as you might think of! Since it’s the most important step in a hair care routine, you should know the correct way to apply a conditioner.
The conditioner nourishes your hair and makes the hair strands bouncy. It also repairs the damaged hair. But the majority of us don’t reap out the maximum benefits from the conditioner and are applying it in the wrong way.
In the feed, we have compiled the correct way to condition your hair. If you want to know how to condition your hair well then keep on reading!

Choose The Correct Conditioner

The first step towards applying the hair conditioner is to choose the hair conditioner that suits your hair type. We all have different hair types then how can we all use the same conditioner, right?
If you have colored and damaged hair, go for a reaping conditioner. If you have dry and brittle hair, opt for a strengthening conditioner. Though you might find conditioning serving the only purpose of nourishing your hair but applying the correct conditioner can make a huge difference.
Hence, make sure you know your hair type and then chose the conditioner.

Don’t Apply in Wet Hair

When you rinse your hair with the cleanser, the water is dripping and that is when the majority of us apply the hair conditioner. But that’s where you’re wrong.
The conditioner has never to be applied to the wet hair. Squeeze out the excess water from your hair until the dripping stops and then you have to apply the hair conditioner.
When you apply conditioner on the wet hair, the products don’t go deep to the hair strands and sticks on the upper surface. Thus, make sure you apply after squeezing the excess water.

How To Apply

The next and most important step is to know how to apply the hair conditioner.
• Always take a small amount of hair conditioner onto your palm and once the excess water stops dripping apply it onto the edges of your hair. Make sure you’re not rubbing the conditioner and just gently massaging it to the hair edges.
• Also, never work with the conditioner on the scalp. It will weaken the hair roots.
• After keeping the conditioner for about 10 minutes rinse your hair with cold water.
If you have super dry and damaged hair, you can add a few drops of hair serum to the conditioner before applying to the hair edges. This addition will make your hair shinier.

How Often should you Condition Your Hair

The most important question that comes to our mind is how often we should apply the hair conditioner. If you have oily hair make sure you apply hair conditioner once a week followed by a deep conditioning mask at the weekends.
If you have dry hair you can use the conditioner twice a week, followed by once a week deep conditioner. Each time you’re rinsing your hair, you have to apply conditioner to your hair otherwise you’ll damage the hair and make the strands frizzier.

So, this is the correct way to apply the conditioner. Conditioner is a really important step for all the hair types and you can’t skip it. If you have unmanageable hair we would recommend you invest in a deep conditioning mask and use it not more than once a week. A deep conditioning mask is stronger than a hair conditioner and will help in making your tresses much more manageable. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!