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The products you need to create the popular soft matte look

The cold, frigid days are gone, and now it’s time to welcome hot and sweaty days, which makes it hard to sport makeup, especially if you have oily skin. While high-glam and dewy makeup is ideal for winter, such makeup looks aren’t made for summers and are therefore avoided when the temperature starts to soar. But a matte makeup look can be a complete game-changer. Ideal for hot and humid settings, a matte makeup look is an ideal choice for summers. Those who don’t want their dewy makeup to turn into a greasy-mess switch to a matte makeup look in summer, which obviously is a smart decision.

That said, the summer matte makeup look this year involves a more natural-looking application, a kind of makeup look that is more wearable. The soft and blurred makeup look doesn’t involve putting on layers of a full-coverage foundation. In fact, it feels powdery that gives lovely summer warmth to your look, and the best part is it doesn’t transfer onto your face masks. This makeup look is not only suitable to wear daily but also looks chic and feminine. In order to create this look, you won’t need more than a handful of products, and if you are curious to know about those products, continue to scroll below.


A blurring primer

Skipping primer is one of the primary reasons why your foundation starts to look cakey after a while. You need to get your base right in order to make your makeup look natural and flawless. And when it comes to creating a soft and blurry makeup look, you will definitely need a blurring primer. You can apply your primer after prepping your skin properly with skincare products and before putting on your makeup products. Applying a blurring primer to your face will help to blur out the pores, blemishes, and make your skin look even-toned, thereby making your base look flawless. Other than that, your primer will also make your makeup last longer.

A weightless foundation

When it comes to your foundation, you need to pick the formula carefully. There’s no use of a full-coverage foundation in this makeup look, you will need a foundation that is lightweight, shine-free, and blends into your skin seamlessly while delivering a feather-soft finish. The idea is to keep your base as natural and skin-like as possible, and for that, you will need a weightless foundation that sits beautifully on your skin and doesn’t feel cakey.

A powder blush

One of the best ways to break the monotony of your matte makeup look is by adding some warmth and color to your look. And a powder blush can help you do that. Apart from adding a hint of color to your cheeks, you can apply some pigment on your lids as well. You can also use your blusher to lightly contour your cheekbones. If you want to add some intensity and drama to your look, you can use your eyeshadow palette to smoke out your eyes. Just try not to go overboard with these products, keep things as minimal and subtle as possible.

A finishing powder

You cannot complete your makeup look without using a finishing powder; it is one of the key makeup products. Once you are done with your makeup, dust some finishing powder all over your face with the help of a fluffy brush. It won’t only help to keep your makeup from melting but will also give it a matte appearance. Just make sure to not go overboard with your finishing powder, a little goes a long way.