The right way to apply foundation to achieve younger-looking skin

Having clean, beautiful, and younger-looking skin is every girl’s dream. Granting the increased level of dust, dirt, and pollution in the environment, our skin fails to keep itself safe from all the damage that often results in the form of acne, blemishes, and more. While most skin concerns are a result of environment and environmental stressors, the other remaining is caused due to poor lifestyle and improper sleep schedules such as dark circles. And all these imperfections can come in the way of achieving flawless looking skin, but not when you have one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal and, i.e., makeup.

Makeup has an amazing ability to conceal even the darkest of under-eye circles and acne, blemishes as well that keep making a hideous appearance on our face every now and then. Makeup not only conceals all the problematic areas on your face perfectly but it also makes your skin look youthful and flawless. If you struggle to get your foundation application right every time you apply it, then you will find this article to be of little help as we have created a step-by-step guide for you, explaining how you can achieve younger-looking skin using foundation flawlessly. 

Moisturize your face

One of the most important steps to follow before you proceed with makeup is to apply moisturizer. We cannot stress enough about the importance of moisturizing your skin. It not only keeps your skin hydrated and supple but also gives your foundation a smooth base to work on without making the foundation look patchy. Always follow your CTM routine so that it becomes easier for the foundation to settle onto your skin without any issues. 

Use Primer

After moisturizing your skin well, applying primer is another important step to follow to achieve flawless-looking skin. Take a primer of your choice depending on your skin’s needs and apply it evenly all over your face. This won’t only help you achieve a smooth base by filling up the pores and wrinkles but it will also prevent your foundation from oxidizing. 

Use a damp sponge

When it comes to blending your foundation, instead of using your fingers or brush, use a damp sponge as it does a better job in ensuring a flawless-looking base than any other tool. Take foundation on the back of your hand and collect it on the base of the damp sponge, start applying the foundation all over your face in dabbing motion and keep blending it until the base looks flawless. Using this technique will provide you sheer coverage and it is the main key to achieving youthful-looking skin.

Start from the center and gradually move outwards

Before you decide to dab the foundation in just any random direction on your face, know that, there’s the right way of applying foundation. After taking the foundation on a damp sponge, start by applying it at the center of your face and gradually move outwards to blend the product seamlessly. Also, don’t forget to apply the foundation around your mouth and the sides of nostrils as they are more pigmented than the other areas of your face. This will make sure that your skin looks even-toned.

Apply some setting spray

After you are done creating your desired look, it’s important to lock all the products in place so that they don’t start coming off shortly after. While setting powder does a great job at sealing the products in place, they can also accumulate in your pores and fine lines, which will only make your skin look older. Therefore, after completing your look, apply a few spritzes of setting on your face to keep it looking youthful and flawless.