The Ultimate Weekend Hair Care Routine

The weekend is the time when we get to show some self-love and care, right? And hair care is the most crucial aspect of showing self-love and self-care. Hair is our identity and enhances beauty therefore we should do every bit to take care of our mane.
Week’s juggle, pollution, exposure to the harmful rays can deteriorate the quality of our tresses and weekend is the time when you can fully pamper your hair. In the feed, we have compiled a hair care routine that you should follow every weekend to get a healthy and shiny crown. Keep reading!

Hair Oiling

The first step of your weekend hair care routine should begin a day before with hair oiling. Hair oiling is very helpful for having healthy and strong hair. No matter if you have the best hair care products still there is no substitute to what hair oiling does. It not only makes your hair shiny and strong but also aids hair growth. Regular hair oiling massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp making your scalp healthy.
• You can add fenugreek seeds to your hair oil just to make the hair oiling routine much more powerful. For that step, soak fenugreek seeds one day before oiling routine. This will enable that all the benefits of fenugreek seeds are fully immersed in the hair oil.
We would recommend you if not twice at least oil your hair every once a week.

Hair Cleansing

The next morning, wash your hair with a mild cleanser. Make sure you clean your hair really well and there is no residue left. While applying the shampoo follow massaging it all over the scalp in gentle circular motions and then rinse it with cold water.
Now cold water rinse is very beneficial for your hair. Coldwater relieves your scalp and closes the scalp pores so that your scalp is free from all the issues. It also locks the moisture content into the hair locks and strengthens the roots of your hair hence you should always prefer cold water rinse.



The weekend is the time when you need a more hydrating and thick conditioner from that you use normally. So, prefer using a thick mask type conditioner that will seal all the moisture into your hair making your hair much more manageable. If you don’t want to use any chemical stuff we have a super effective DIY hair conditioner for you.
• Take two tablespoons of honey or depending on your hair length.
• Mix one tablespoon of aloe vera gel.
• Also, add a few drops of your hair serum into it.
• Apply the mixture to your scalp focusing on the hair edges.
• Take a shower cap and cover your hair.
• Keep it for about two hours and rinse your hair with cold water.
Voila, you’re done!

Hair Serum

The next step after applying a hair conditioning mask is to air dry your hair. Make sure you’re air-drying your hair and not blow-drying. Regular blow drying can damage the roots of your hair, stagnating the hair growth.
Once your hair is about 80% dry, apply hair serum to the ends of your hair avoiding the scalp. The hair serum will make sure your hair is frizz-free and the tresses are easy to detangle.

Embrace Your Natural Hair

The weekend is the time we won’t recommend you going for hair styling. It’s the time when we want you to use fewer products and hair tools so make sure you’re skipping hair styling every weekend post a weekend hair care session. Rather, embrace your hair naturally. Say no to curlers and straighteners.