Things you should NOT use in your facial Skincare DIYs

These recent days, DIY Skincare regimes are becoming pretty common. Obviously, with the great kitchen ingredients, certain people especially social media influencers provide many DIY face scrubs, face masks, and many other things. But do you know, most of the ingredients are just not very healthy for your skin? Yes, we know it can be quite overwhelming after seeing the list of the things you should not use in your facial Skincare DIYs.

Certainly, we are not here to scare you, but our main goal is to help you out when it comes to your face and skin.

List of the things you should not use in your facial DIYs

Hence, here we are providing all of you with all those things that are exceptionally bad for the health of your facial skin.

1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world, and also the most used ingredient in skincare DIY regimes. But do you know, how many ill-effects coffee has on your facial skin. If not, read this further. Exfoliation is a very important aspect of skincare. But using coffee grounds for that is definitely not a great option. Coffee tears the skin cells of your face and makes the face vulnerable to infections. Therefore, it is certainly not suggested to make the DIY face scrubs out of your coffee grounds. Thus, number one on the list of things you should NOT use in your facial Skincare DIYs.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is definitely the proven boon to hair and body. But when it comes to using this oil on the face, it can make your facial skin really worse than ever. If you have a sensitive and oily skin type, then coconut oil is probably your foe. It can clog pores and can certainly cause breakouts if this oil is left overnight. If you do not want your face to be full of acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, then stop using Coconut oil on your face right away.

3. Lemon and Lime Juice

It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Lemon or lime juice is one of the wells know ingredients that some influencers suggest using in Facial skincare DIYs. With the Ph level of 2, this awful ingredient can cause second-degree burns on your face (by the way, this is the worst-case scenario). The lowest case possible is it can leave your skin all the way irritated and dry. Hence, is on the list of the things to avoid on the face.

4. Egg Whites

Egg whites are obviously the most protein-rich ingredient when it comes to taking it as a food. And of course, it is the superfood. But, when you look forward to making it as a DIY skincare ingredient, it does not cause any kind of changes in your skin. The layer of egg white is just a layer of protein and when you wash it off from your face, it leaves the face as it is. Moreover, it leaves your skin fully dry and does not cause any kind of pore tightening.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

The other major ingredient is quite commonly used in many hair and skin DIY. There is definitely no doubt that ACV is the greatest ingredient to be used in the haircare regime. But for skincare, ACV is a big NO-NO. As mentioned above, things with a low Ph are harmful to the skin. And ACV can corrode the facial skin. It will cause a stinging sensation on the skin and can cause severe burns as well. So, you should definitely think before applying this ingredient to your face.

6. Sugar

Sugar is quite useful for exfoliating the skin but only when used on other body parts. Sugar scrubs are definitely not recommended on the face. The reason, sugar has a coarse texture and can cause fine scratches on the face. This is due to the fact that the face skin is pretty delicate. Also, the sugar scrubs can cause literal scratches on your face and hence, leads to breakouts and blemishes.


These were some of the ingredients that should not be used on your facial skin. We know, this list might be quite shocking for you as it was for us as well. These are the most harmful ingredients to be used on the skin especially when it is your face. Thus, you must not use these ingredients that are in the list of the things you should NOT use in your facial Skincare DIYs.