Tips and tricks to prevent bobby pins from sliding down

It isn’t long before when we used to wear bobby pins on our hair only to hide them later on, because they were not in trend, and neither did they look so chic and fancy earlier. While bobby pins have always been an irreplaceable part of almost every girl’s beauty kit, they never got their due credit and it was only recently they were brought to light as an important and trendy hair accessory, which doesn’t need to stay hidden anymore. Bobby pins have long been used by many girls even before they became one of the hottest trends. And honestly, we can never have enough of this sleek and tiny but incredibly functional hair accessory, which not only helps to keep our tresses in place but also make them look extremely chic.
Bobby pins are extremely easy to use, except for the times when they start troubling us by sliding down the tresses every few minutes. This is one problem that almost every girl with thick or thin hair struggles with, but not anymore. There are some ways to make your bobby pins stay in place and put an end to this problem once and for all.

Always choose the quality bobby pins

First things first, when it comes to buying yourself some bobby pins, you should always invest in pins that are of good quality. It is the main key to ensuring that your bobby pin stays in place all day long and doesn’t slide off your hair. Just picking any random bobby pins may not prove to be an excellent choice; as the chances are they will keep sliding down your hair, which is really frustrating. Therefore, you should always invest in good quality bobby pins so that they don’t budge from their place.

Put them in the right way

It is one of those common mistakes that many girls make while inserting a bobby pin on their hair. Sometimes, despite using the good quality bobby pins, your hair struggles to keep them in place for a long time. This could be a result of the wrong way of putting the bobby pins on your hair. The best way to figure out if you’re inserting the bobby pin the right way or not is to check whether its wavy side is facing down or not. The wavy side of a bobby pin is always supposed to face down and not the other way round. That wavy pattern ensures that your pin stays in place and doesn’t budge all day long.

Avoid inserting too much hair into one bobby pin

Another common mistake that we girls make while using bobby pin is to cram too much hair into its mouth. Only a particular amount of hair is supposed to be crammed into the bobby pin. Cramming too much hair forcibly will eventually make your bobby pin to open up, which will prevent it from staying in place. Therefore, you should never cram too much hair into the bobby pin, only take a thin section of hair to pin it perfectly.

Use a hair spray

This is an amazing hack or trick to follow to ensure that your bobby pin stays in place throughout the day. Instead of inserting bobby pin directly on your hair, spritz some amount of dry shampoo or texturing spray over the pins as well as your tresses. Doing so will give your hair a better hold and make it easier for the bobby pins to stay in place for a much longer period. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your bobby pins don’t slide down.