Tips To Cut Your Own Hair Just Like Your Stylist

If you’re willing to cut a few inches off your hair, faux serious bangs, or anything in between, here are the pro tips that you’ll require to feat the hair-cut that’s surely gonna fetch you some great compliments.
We have always been advised to visit a stylist to chop off the hair but is that even necessary when you can truly trim those dry locks on your own. If you follow the tips we don’t think you need to visit your hairstylist anytime soon.
So, if you’re willing to give a quick fix at the comfort of your home a few tips would be great to help you get started without any faux-pas. So, grab your scissors and roll your sleeves up!

Invest In The Right Gear

It’s really important the quality of scissors you are using to mend your mane. Even if you’re doing this at your home doesn’t imply that you can put your kitchen scissors for the quest. The dull points of your kitchen scissor can damage your ends. As an alternative, invest in a good razor-sharp pair of scissors that you’ll strictly use for the purpose only.
To get the right hair-cut it not only depends on the technique but also the tool you use. So, to make your hair-cut at home a success, you invest in the right tool.

Know The Texture Of Your Hair

Another advice before you start is to understand the texture of your hair. If you don’t know what exactly your hair texture is, check this out. There are three types of hair texture namely- straight, wavy, and curly. Straight and curly are easy to identify but you can get confused in identifying the wavy texture. The wavy texture is not completely on the curly side, somewhat between curly and straight texture.
Wavy and curly hair, do listen to this- wavy and curly texture can confuse you in how to cut your ends. Since you’re doing this on your own we would advise you to first straighten your hair (that means you need to work on dry hair not wet) and then chop them off. It would become much easier to trim the straight ends. If you have straight hair congratulations you don’t need to put in much of the effort.

Keep All The Tools Handy

Another tip would be to keep all the tools handy. So, that when you cut your hair you don’t lose the pace. If you’re thinking what all you’ll need to chop off your hair. Here is the list-
• A pair of quality scissors- obviously you can’t use the random scissors for chopping off your ends.
• A comb- to detangle your hair. Would prefer a rat-tail comb that will even help you out to section out the hair properly.
• Hair clippers- to section your hair.

Always Work In Sections

When you’re cutting your hair make sure you section them out to have a better grip. Working on smaller chunks will help you focus on every side of your hair. So, you won’t feel that you have run the scissors more from one side. On the other side if you just started cutting them off without parting it into sections you’ll end up cutting them uneven.

Cut Less

When you’re cutting your hair make sure you always start by cutting less. If you cut off a big half of your hair at the beginning you can’t add that back. So it’s great to always start by cutting less and then look if you need to chop off any extra inch.
Remember if you’re cutting your hair wet, it will look shorter when dried so work accordingly!