Fashion Guide

Top 5 Ways to Dress Your 5 Body Shapes

Different body shapes have varied curves and don’t look the same with different fabric cuts, do they? The point is to think about the scientific reasoning behind dressing up best using many dressing styles. We see people wearing the best of picks, the best of fashion, and still lacking something. It is not the accessories or the hair, it is the sense of putting on what your body hugs better than anything else. So for the aforementioned reasons, we are breaking down 5 body shapes and what will look best on each one of them., including a dress pick (obviously).

1. Inverted-triangle
Best picks – One-shoulder dresses, wrap-up dresses, dresses with queen Anne neckline, or Halter strap, layered skirts
Accessories – long necklaces, earrings with wide bottoms

This body shape is tricky with shorter hips and broader shoulders. You may be facing difficulty relocating attention from your enormous shoulder width. The knack is to make it appear shortened or accentuate the look of your hips a bit. Wear lighter tops with more focus on your neck than the shoulders and tighten the hems below the waist. Avoid athletic dressing.
2. Rectangular
Best picks – X-line dresses, ruffled dresses, crew neck or off-shoulder dresses
Accessories – shapewear, embellished earrings, broad necklaces

This shape is known well for its ‘athletic’ body design. Because the curves aren’t always obvious, you may have a hard time getting more movements throughout your dress. Focus more on the waist when not otherwise. When paying more attention to your shoulders and hips, avoid straight fits. Adding more flare to the bottom will help create a proportion.
3. Pear-shaped
Best picks – A-line dresses, wrap-up dresses, high-waisted jeans, off-the-shoulder, or fit and flare dresses
Accessories – pumps, heavier necklaces, or drop

The most fabulous set of curves seems easy to dress but hard to accessorize because anything diverts the attention to them. Dress up with more focus on the waist and rest is taken care of. Choose more bodycon than straight fits. Give your outlook more length and less width so that the curves don’t give out a bulky or shorter look but a light-spirited vibe.
4. Spoon
Best picks – dresses with detailed necklines, thigh-high slit dresses, or Halter neck dresses
Accessories – waist chains, heavy bracelets

A hard-styled body shape, the focus is more below the waist meaning, the curves will love bodycon more than anything. But defining the rest of the outfit is a vital tip. The bust is smaller, the waist too, and the hips are wider. So, to achieve an overall fuller look, draw attention to your waist, and fancy a ponytail. Tighten up those hems around your bust.
5. Hourglass
Best picks – bodycon ruched dresses, full-sleeve turtle-neck dresses, ruffled top dresses
Accessories – pumps, loop earrings, arm cuffs

With fuller hips, thighs, and breasts; things are easy to work with. Look for shorter T-shirts and minimal movement skirts. Choose straight-fits and slim-fits blindly. Adding unnecessary layers will steal the glam from the curvatures so attentively choose a finer fabric with covering details where you want specifically. Wear something that works for your bust and bottom together, without ignoring either.

It was great getting along with your choices and your curves! If you got any help from these styling tips, it will make those brain cells active next time you are out shopping with your pals. You will (as you should) begin to notice why your favorite wardrobe piece isn’t getting all the appreciation you thought you deserved or why certain scarves never matched well with your style. These were some tips for getting started on this journey. Happy styling!