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Trendy jeans to wear this year

Jeans now do not mean only skinny or baggy jeans, now there are so many different kinds of jeans that you can wear daily and create new and several looks with them. They go well with a lot of clothes and can be styled easily into something casual as well as dressy. Jeans can be comfortable and stylish both at the same time. You can get yourself some well-fitted jeans or some baggy or wide-length jeans. You can get the style you like the most and style them accordingly. There are several different kinds of jeans you can wear and style.

You can look at the list below and get to know what kind of different trendy jeans you can style this year.

  1. Wide leg high rise jeans

High-rise jeans are in trend nowadays. Especially the wide-leg high-rise jeans. These jeans are super comfortable and are chic. They are stylish as well and can be styled easily in many different ways. These jeans are ideal to be worn on a day out or just on a picnic where you want to be comfortable and to look good. You can pair these up with a well-fitted crop top or can wear a hoodie or sweatshirt to complete the look. You can get jeans of any color or any pattern and print and can adorn them in an adorable manner.

  1. Cropped wide-leg jeans

Not only are the wide-leg jeans that reach the ankle or below are trending right now also the cropped version of them is gaining popularity nowadays. These jeans reach the calf or above the ankles. You can wear them any day and be comfortable in jeans. These are super cute and can be paired with several tops. They are ideal for a summer day out or just going around doing the daily chores. You can wear them to brunch with friends and keep the look casual yet stylish. Pair them up with some fit tops such as T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, etc.

  1. Jegging jeans

Sometimes the jeans can be nonstretchy and that can cause an issue if you have a small waist and thicker legs. You then might need to size up and get the jeans that are loose on your waist. If you do not want to wear such jeans then you can look at these amazing new jeans. The jegging jeans. These jeans are super stretchable and you can get the right size for yourself. You can get the one that is perfect on your waist as well as your legs. These jeggings are stylish and make you look great. These fitted jeggings make you feel confident and comfortable.

  1. Vintage cut jeans

Every trend repeats itself after some time and gains popularity. This is what happened with these pretty jeans. The vintage cut jeans are back. They are inspired by the 70s, 80s, and 90s. You can get these jeans from any store available near you and can create your own vintage look. These jeans are super chic and look stunning when worn. These jeans are best for those with a small waist and wider hips and thighs. These jeans are stretchable and comfortable to wear.

  1. Balloon jeans

Balloon jeans are a part of the mom jeans collection. Mom jeans come in different styles, slim, slouchy, oversized, etc. Here you get to know about balloon jeans. These jeans are loose around the legs and then cinch down towards the ankle. They are quite trendy and look great when worn. You can style them in a casual and semi-dressy way.


These jeans are super fashionable and trendy. People are now wearing different styles and colors or jeans rather than just some old traditional colors and designs. You can see different prints on jeans as well. Trends are back and are back for better and thus vintage jeans are a lot famous now. You can style jeans with a simple top and call it a day or can pair them up with some cute blouses and shimmery tops for a night out or a dressy look. Get yourself some of these mentioned jeans and add them in your wardrobe.