Tricks for Mature and Young Women to Have Thicker Hair

We have the struggles in our everyday lives and then on top of that our hair starts falling and you feel nothing is right in your life. You need something to change. So let’s bring the change in your life with a few of the hair hacks. Remember mental stress is a killer. You will not be able to get the results you are supposed to be getting using certain products if your mental health isn’t at peace. It is necessary that you try and keep yourself healthy and nutritious. Besides, use these products and tricks to have impressive hair.

Collagen Powder

You might have heard this before that collagen is responsible for our skin cells. After you become mature you need to add the nutrients to your body that have been lost over time. It is an easy way of getting fuller thick hair. You can take this in your morning coffee or with water as you like. You just have to take a scoop of it in your daily meal. Have it as you like and it will help your body get the glow and shine you desire. If you feel the need you can have two scoops a day. It isn’t harmful to you in any possible manner. If you wish to consult a dermatologist or any hair specialist then you can do that as well. I can say this for sure that they will not say no to this item. This will bring a noticeable change. Make sure you use it at least for three months in a row to notice a change.

Thyroid Test

It is possible that you have gone through recent pregnancy and you are losing hair. Many people face this issue. But don’t be afraid of getting some tests done. An increasing level of thyroid can also lead to bald patches and of course hair fall. However, if you get your test done and it has come negative then you are probably not having a hair loss issue because of it. Now, one thing to keep in mind while getting a thyroid check is that you go for the two tests. Yes, there is two thyroid level check-up so you need to go for both and not just one. If you have these issues then you need to consume your medicine regularly. There are some natural ways or curing thyroid you can try them, as well because thyroid medicine has to be consumed every day.

Hair Extensions

There are three types of hair extensions that one can get. One is the extensions with clips that are possible if you have some volume in your hair that can cover the clips under; the second types of extensions are the halo which is like a net. You can add it anywhere at the back of your head and have the desired length. You need to make sure that you have combed your hair nicely before you apply it. Besides, it can also be used to add length to your hair. It gives you the illusion of thick hair. However, the one con of this style is that you are afraid and don’t feel comfortable moving your hair around a little. Apart from that, you can go for laser hair extensions. These are also cool but lay pressure on your pocket.

Root touch up spray

Another product that can help you hides the bald patches around your hair. Suppose you have added fake volume to your hair by using the teasing method. But now you have decided that you want to make a center or side partition then you can do that. However, you will be worried about the line being too big that it’s looking like you have lesser hair. You can spray the root touch up. It will sort of fill the gap in the hair. Make sure you spray enough and equal quantity. Don’t make it dark from someplace and light from others.