Fashion Guide

Ultimate Fashion Advice for every Lady out there

Each and every woman out there strives hard to pull off the perfect outfit every time she steps out of her home. If you are also looking forward to wearing your dream dress but do not know how to carry it perfectly, here are some tips that will help you buy the perfect one and then styling it with elegance. These ground rules work for women of every age. Have a look!

Age-appropriate Clothing

No matter how much you deny, age is a thing and it calls for a change in the way you dress up. You simply cannot wear the same clothing in your 40s that you used to wear in your teens. This is what age does to all of you. And it is not just about the body type. It is more about the grace and charm that you want to portray in front of others. It is more about the way how you wish to appear in a public place. Everything matters and that is why you need to be careful while choosing the kind of clothing according to age. There is a grown-up version to style and you must pay attention to it. This doesn’t mean that you cannot wear dresses anymore. It simply means that you should change the type of dresses that you are going to wear. Prefer sheath or flowy dresses instead of bodycon dresses if you are in your late 30s. A similar idea goes out for denim and trousers. Shun the ripped ones and take on mom jeans or straight jeans.

The rightly-fitted Lingerie

Another important point to be noted is that it is not only on the outside that matters, what’s inside also matters a lot. This is because the way you carry yourself also brings a lot of difference in your personality. If you wear loose lingerie, your chest will look soggy and fallen out. On the other hand, if you wear fitted lingerie with good quality, it would reflect in the fitting of your clothing too. When your breasts sit firmly on your chest, this makes a huge difference in how you look. If you are wearing fitted lingerie, there would be no sagging or bulging out of body parts and thus, you tend to look smarter and slimmer. Therefore, this is a necessity!

Don’t try to match too much

Shun the traditional method of styling your clothing and matching everything together. Today, it is more about contrasts and that is the only thing that is going to prevail. The thing about fashion is that it keeps on changing but contrasts are forever. Even matching similar colored outfits together was a thing but if you wish to style your outfits in a unique way, then prefer contrasting and not matching. Wear colors that enhance the existence of other colors and not harmonize them. This trick is going to helo you for a long time because it literally brings out the most unusual yet stunning outfits every time. If you are miserable at trying out new color combinations, then look for a color wheel. The colors that are opposite each other on the wheel will complement each other every time.

Don’t show too much skin

The worst thing you can do while dressing elegantly is to show too much skin. Sometimes this is an appropriate thing to do but mind it, only ‘sometimes’. Showing too much skin all the time or frequently is not a great idea because it just gives an idea of ‘too much’. You should flaunt different kinds of outfits and fashion trends but overdoing only this one is going to be a big turn-off. If you are wearing a low-cut dress, focus in the cleavage area. It should not be plunging enough to look revealing. If you are wearing shorts, you might want to prefer a longer length for chubby thighs. The trick is to know your body type and then decide what you need to show and whatnot. Thus, this concept actually decides how you decide to look like in public.

Don’t forgo basics, prints & patterns

The foremost thing that everyone should own while stying their clothing the right way is to pick basics and all kinds of prints and patterns. There are so many ways in styling these three types of apparel that you will have a different outfit for every outing of yours.

  • By basics, we mean picking basic tees, shirts in solid colors, basic blue denim and other colors that are solid and plain.
  • By prints & patterns, we mean florals, checkered prints, Aztec, geometric, graphics and everything playful that you can think of.