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Useful tips to deal with breakouts on the body in summer

Much like any other season, summer has its own sets of pros and cons. While we would always like to concentrate more on the pros part, the cons tend to take the center stage as days start to get hotter and sweatier. The excess itchiness and sweating the summer season bring along can be quite frustrating to deal with, they constantly need to be tended to. But this is not the worst part about this season; breakouts on different parts of the body are a major concern.

Experiencing acne in summer is quite common. While certain lifestyle habits, improper beauty routine, and unhealthy diet are some of the major reasons for breakouts, excess sweating is also one of the reasons why the skin on your body tends to break out in summer. When the sweat produced by your body gets combined with natural oils and dirt present on the surface of your skin, it leads to infection in the hair follicle, which is commonly known as folliculitis. These tiny bumps usually develop in places where you have a lot of hair follicles, such as your back and chest. They tend to be even more painful and annoying in areas like armpits and butts.

If you want to keep your body breakout-free in summer, then here are a few things that you can do to care for your body in summer.


Invest in acne-fighting body care products

One of the best ways to keep breakouts on your body at bay is by including acne-fighting body care products in your cleansing routine. It is essential to remove all the sweat and dirt accumulated on your body from the day. Acne-fighting products like antibacterial soaps, salicylic acid based-body wash, and clarifying body wash gels will help remove all the dirt, sweat, oil, and bacteria accumulated on the surface of your skin, thereby reducing the chances of breakouts.


Use a gentle body polish to exfoliate your skin

While exfoliation is absolutely necessary for your skin, using a harsh scrub or exfoliating your skin harshly will do more harm to your skin than good. Therefore, it’s important to not be harsh while exfoliating your skin and only use a mild, gentle scrub to slough away pore-clogging dead skin cells from your skin. Considering your skin tends to get inflamed and break out more when scrubbed harshly, it’s wise to use a gentle body polish to exfoliate your body.


Slather on a generous amount of body lotion

One of the main keys to keeping your skin calm and happy is moisturizing, and your body needs as much moisturizing as your face needs, thus you should never skip this step. Slathering on a generous amount of sweet-smelling body lotion not only helps you smell amazing but also helps with breakouts. You should use a body lotion that contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties such as lavender. Use a body lotion as soon as you step out of the shower to offer hydration to your skin.


Invest in a cooling body gel or cream

Certain areas of your body like the back and chest are more prone to developing acne than the rest of your body. This could be a result of a lack of care, moisture, and nourishment. They often appear in the form of itchy bumps that can feel incredibly annoying under the clothes. One of the best and easiest ways to prevent breakouts is by applying a cooling body gel or cream to those areas. Apart from keeping breakouts on your body at bay, a cooling body gel or cream will also help to offer hydration to your skin.