Useful tips to deal with dandruff on a budget

Dandruff is one of the most annoying hair issues, and a majority of people are affected by this issue, especially during winter. Since winter is drying in nature, it leaves your scalp and hair excessively dry, which further gives rise to dandruff. But dandruff is not just a winter hair woe, a lot of women deal with this issue even in summer, basically, throughout the year. Every woman deals with dandruff differently, some use anti-dandruff shampoos, and others use natural home remedies to eliminate dandruff. These things might work for some but in most cases, merely using an anti-dandruff shampoo or a homemade hair mask will do very little or nothing for your hair.

Dandruff is one of the most common hair concerns, tackling it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. You can totally get rid of this problem once and for all without burning a hole in your pocket. Apart from including the right hair care products in your hair care routine, you need to follow some essential hair care tips to tackle dandruff.

Ahead we have listed some useful tips to deal with dandruff on a budget.


Indulge in regular hair oiling

Although there are several causes of dandruff, one of the most common and major reasons for dandruff is scalp dryness. Scalp dryness gives rise to dandruff; therefore, you need to tackle dryness first in order to tackle the dandruff issue. And the best way to deal with a dry scalp is by oiling your hair regularly. Massaging your hair regularly with oil helps keep your locks and scalp nourished. You can use any kind of hair oil, but coconut oil is one of the best and inexpensive ingredients to consider. It will provide nourishment to your scalp, which will solve the dryness issue. Instead of using oil at room temperature, you should warm it a bit for better penetration into the scalp and better results.


Use a detox shampoo

Product build-up is also one of the major causes of dandruff, while it doesn’t directly result in dandruff; it certainly hampers your scalp’s health, which in turn, leads to dandruff. Apart from causing dandruff, the product build-up slows down your hair growth. The best way to remove product build-up from your scalp is by using a detox shampoo. Instead of using a regular shampoo, you should wash your hair with a detox shampoo.


Scalp exfoliation

Exfoliating your scalp is as necessary as exfoliating your skin. Just like it’s essential to exfoliate your skin to slough off dead, dry skin and other impurities from the surface, your scalp pretty much works in a similar way. Scalp exfoliation is a way to get rid of dead skin accumulated on your scalp, and you can exfoliate your scalp using a scalp scrub. It will loosen up the dead skin and other impurities on your scalp, which will be washed away while washing your mane.


Use a hair mask

Apart from oiling your hair twice a week, you should use a nourishing hair mask to offer extra nourishment to your mane. If your scalp has started to look really flaky, then take it as a sign that your hair is in some serious need of nourishment. You should apply a hair mask once every week in order to provide extra moisture to your dry scalp and hair.


Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is packed with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is considered one of the best ingredients to deal with dandruff. The topical application of tea tree oil can help cure dandruff. But make sure to mix tea tree oil with a carrier oil before using it.