Ways to Style Mid-Waist Jeans for Different Body-Shapes

Jeans are the most common clothing worn by every individual. A kid, teenager, youngsters, and elderly, everyone styles in these jeans. Styling them is not at all tricky and you can just pull out anything with a pair of jeans. However; with the developing fashion industry, we have got an array of designs, and styling single jeans have become difficult. So, today we will be discussing the mid-waist jeans for different body types and what can you pull on these jeans and which mid-waist jeans will suit a particular body type.

Pear Shape: Body curve jeans

How to identify body curve jeans? These jeans have a special added material around the waist just above the back pocket. This sort of gives a nice curve to the body and you finally get to solve the struggle of pear body shape jeans. Because the upper portion is thinner than the lower half, it is really a struggle to find jeans that are just fitting to the waist and the hip. Usually pear shape struggle with the in-between size, you don’t have a perfect 30 or 32 waist; it is either 29 or 31. Therefore, the curve jeans give a nice look to the pear-shaped bodies. Try them and you will just love them.

Apple Shape: Wide Leg Jeans

Apple bodies have some volume around their upper portion and have thinner legs to make it look asymmetrical. It is important for us to balance the top-heavy with the thinner bottom. The wide-leg jeans work perfectly for such a situation. This gives some volume to your thighs and the cuffs. Therefore you look fine from the bottom as well the upper. Besides if you go for any jeans which have shading in them it could work well. The shading grabs attention so you can find this texture with the wide length jeans.

Top Triangle Shape: Flared Jeans

This body type has an inverted triangle shape. So if you have an inverted triangle that means your shoulders are broad and you have a thin waist and legs. This shape is so easy to style. You must not wear skin-tight jeans to make your body look like an hourglass. What we need is to add some structure at the bottom. Flared jeans work perfectly well for triangle shape bodies, you can wear a tuck in a t-shirt or a skin-fit upper with these wide jeans from the bottom.

Hour-Glass Body: Skinny Jeans

Usually, any jeans will go best for the hour-glass figure. They have to highlight the waist which is sort of hidden by mid-rise jeans. So you can go for high- rise jeans and if you want to style some loose blouse then mid–waist jeans will look way better with tuck-in blouse than any high waist jeans. You can style in any jeans you like, all will look super cool on your body. However, if you want your thighs to look bigger than the shading jeans are you option the denim which is darker from the edges and have a light shade in the center can do the illusion work for you.

Flat Body: Paper Bag Jeans

The ones who have rectangular bodies do not have much structure around their body so to make some structure they need to follow the rule of loose and tight. It cannot be done with your body that you wear a skin-fit upper and skin-fit lower. So the paper bag jeans have some light flare volume around the waist and the tights this could help you establish the symmetry. You can wear a tight fit top on the upper and style this jean in a single solid shade. The skinny jeans can make you look too thin, which would not be your preference.