Ways you can prevent split ends at home

Splits are one of the cons of having long hair. It is extremely difficult to prevent them no matter how much you take care of them but is not an impossible task to achieve. Split ends can make your hair look untamed and bad and make them look dry, frizzy, and not well-kept. You cannot cure the split ends that you have without professional help but you sure can try to prevent it by taking proper care of your hair. Split ends can happen easily by either using a hairdryer at high temperatures or using some chemicals such as hair dyes on your hair.

Below is a list of ways you can prevent split ends from damaging your hair and make your hair look healthy and smooth.


Properly towel dry your hair

It is important to properly towel dry your hair before using any appliances on it. Hair is extremely vulnerable when they are wet and this can cause damage to them if they are not treated properly at that time. Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel to speed up the drying process you should either dab the towel or use a highly absorbent hair towel and wrap your hair in it. It will soak up all the excess water from the hair thus making them ready to use a hairdryer or other applications if needed. If necessary then you can squeeze out the excess water before dabbing the towel on the hair to dry them.


Do not your hairdryer on max heat

When you are in a hurry and need to dry your hair in the least time possible, you tend to use the hairdryer at its maximum heat as it will speed up the process. It will speed up the process but it will also make your hair dry, brittle, frizzy, and rough and will also cause split ends. Extreme heat is harmful to your hair. Make sure the hair is void of any extra water focus on drying the roots and middle section and do not dry out the tips completely. That will cause the split ends to occur and damage your hair. Invest in some good-quality hairdryers to protect your hair from further damage.


Avoid using a hair straightener or curler without a heat protector

When using heated appliances such as a straightener or a curler it is advised to use some heat protectant to make sure your hair is protected from the heat and is not going to get frizzy and brittle. There are high chances of split ends on dry and damaged hair and it is important to make sure that the hair does not get damaged. heating and styling hair regularly makes the hair lose its luster and keratin. This can lead to split ends. Thus even after using the protectant, you suffer from split ends, you should go for a keratin treatment at least once.


Use a silk pillowcase

A silk pillow can not cure the split ends but it can help you keep your hair soft and silky and prevent them from getting dry and frizzy. You know dry hair is prone to split ends and thus by keeping the hair soft and hydrated you can prevent the formation of split ends. Other fabric makes the hair lose its moisture and can make your hair prone to split ends. Thus to avoid having them it is advised to use a silk pillow when sleeping. You can even use a silk hair wrap that you can wrap around your hair to avoid them from getting dry and brittle and having split ends.

The above mentioned are some of the ways you can prevent split ends and can make your hair healthier at home. You do not need many appliances or some extra help when trying to make your hair healthy and soft. All you need is some techniques and some habits that you need to adapt in order to make the hair grow better. It is important to take care of the split ends and to make sure to prevent them because frail and damaged hair is prone to breakage and that can increase the amount of hair fall you are experiencing. Take proper care of your hair.