Wear Your Formal Shirts in the Best Possible Ways

A shirt can be worn up by any body shape. This formal attire looks completely fabulous in every possible way. So, you need to know how to tuck and style a single shirt in various ways. Well, there comes a day when we get bored or too tired of the existing clothing and in order to try something new and refreshing what is better than restyling the things you already possess. So, we will share the basic white shirt or any other basic pattern shirt like the pinstripes related hacks. We will share how these clothing can be worn with other pieces in order to look stylish and classy. We may discuss the arrangement to the attire in both formal and non-formal settings, stating specific pieces that can make the outfit look extremely professional or casual. So, let’s begin styling.

Straps Dress

If you have any flannel or check print dress or a plain cotton dress that has structure then you can wear the white shirt under the pattern dress. Otherwise, if your shirt has any sort of print on it then you need to wear a plain solid shirt. This dress is a perfect way of styling for spring season because you are wearing the long sleeves of the shirt and dressing it with a structured dress, by the structure I mean to refer to the material of the dress. It should not be flowy rather stiff. You can wear this dress to work if the length isn’t too short. You can style it with boots and wear a classy watch in your arm. Besides you need to fold the sleeves in a manner that the collar detailing and the buttons are visible.


This can be another formal attire where you can dress up your white shirt with a sweater. A white shirt can go with a lot of outfits and colors. Well, if you happen to have to have a peach, silver, and grey, black any color sweater than you can pull this look. Wear a white shirt and top it with your sweater. Now, pull up the sleeves and take out the collar and the wrist bands of the shirt and let them overlap your sweater. You can wear formal pants with this or jeans if you want the outfit to be styled casually. Wear nice black or brown loafers and carry a sling or a structured bag along to complete the look.

Camel coat

To pair a camel coat with your white shirt you have two options. Number one is to wear a high neck black bodysuit top it with a white shirt leaving the buttons open and top it with a camel coat. It can be extremely good layering for the cold winters. Otherwise, you can pull up a camel blazer over a white shirt. Style it with blue jeans or black pants. The last additions to this outfit will be a sling and your heels boots. You can wear this to your office or for a dinner outing with friends it will compliment you well for day time as well as the night time.

Ivory Blazer

For this, you need to wear a white monochromatic look from top to bottom. Then add the styling piece to the dress, the ivory blazer. Ivory isn’t extremely dark colors. It belongs to the family of white and creams just a little muddy. However, this color is so soothing and elegant. When you wear it over the white monochromatic look, it makes you look a calm simple soul. Therefore, it is a must-try for every woman. If you are planning on going on a date then you can pull up this look and be as amazing as you are. To accessories, this look, pull in the brown leather loafers and brown sling. You can wear goggles in a brown tone with it for the day time.