What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C For Your Skin?

If you follow any skin blogger then you would have found them suggesting the usage of vitamin C for your skin and face. Well, it is extremely important to use vitamin C once you have come to the age of twenty. The reason is our new skin cells are formed with the help of collagen. After reaching the age of twenty most of the girls tend to lose the production of collagen, if you have oily skin then your skin is probably creating this tissue in enough quantity or the oil is protecting your face from the wrinkles and fine lines. But for the dry skin, you must apply a Vitamin C serum or toner anything to your face regularly so that the skin tissue keeps on generating and you have healthy glowing skin. This is just a factor let’s discuss others in detail. So let’s begin.

Fade Hyper Pigmentation

If you have an even tone skin for example some area of your skin or face is darker than other or you can say some area is lighter than others; then your skin is pigmented. It can be because of tanning or environmental issues. However, if you use Vitamin C regularly then you can get rid of the hyperpigmented skin. Basically, it will help you get an even tone. You can have dark-spots or marks of acne and pimple on your skin. Well, this can help you dissolve them. The reason behind skin lightening is that Vitamin C reduces the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation and since it’s not being produced so you gradually reach the point where your skin is healthy and even-toned.


As specified in the description of this article that Vitamin C is responsible for collagen production. Collagen is doing a lot of things for our body it is promoting elasticity and the skin or the firmness of the skin. So, after reaching a certain age our body loses the power to produce collagen. Therefore, we need the apply Vitamin C to our face to get the collagen production going on increasing your skin firmness and tightness at the same time.

Sun Damage

Our skin especially our face has to go through a lot of sun damage when we step out. So what sun rays do to our skin? Well, when the ultraviolet rays hit your skin, it leads to skin-damaging which is an indirect cause of free radicals present in the sun rays. Therefore, what vitamin C does here is, as it is filled with antioxidants it repeals these free radicals and protects your skin from the sun.

Reduces Redness

Since Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory, therefore if you are facing skin redness it can cure it. There can be multiple reasons for your skin to become red. Firstly, it can be because of the sun reflecting on your skin or there can be acne poring on your skin. You can have multiple reasons to have skin redness. It can be caused by an allergic reaction as well. Even if your face gets a little puffy during the winter, Vitamin C can help you solve all these issues buy its application.

Which Vitamin C should you use?

You can use a mixed vitamin C in the beginning but after reaching the age of thirty you must use vitamin C in its purest form. You can find vitamin tablets but for quick results, it is always advisable that you use Vitamin C in serum form. It is the purest form available to you everywhere. Besides that, you need to use this serum after toner and after that the moisturizers which are again important for you.