What Are The Hairstyles You Can Do For Video Calls?

We have this phase of lives going on where all the work is done online. Well, most of us are bored sitting at home and its office work which is making us get up of the bed. The lazy days are upon us but we do need to work and not compromise on our looks. Since we are working from home we cannot be showing off the new line of clothing that we have, but we can do something with our hair. We all know our hair is the best accessory, we can have. So, let’s use this accessory to make ourselves look fabulous and video call ready.

Top Knot

The style is extremely simple and can be made by any beginners. You need to grab your hair and tie is around over the crown of your head. So, firstly, make your hair tangle-free and hold them over the top crown of your head. It is somewhat above the place you would tie your ponytail. Now, secure the hair with the help of a tie band. If your hair is heavy you can use a bobby pin along the tie band to secure the hair in place. If you have volume then you can wrap your hair around the ponytail. However, if you feel you need to add a little bit of volume then, you can tease your hair from the tip of the pony and make them look voluminous. Once, teasing is done wrap the hair around. If you feel the bun is small then pull your hair a little in the upward direction.

Sleek Bun

To make you look conference ready do a sleek bun. For this, you need to be center parting your hair. Give them a sleek look as possible. It can be a hairdo for the days you have not washed your hair for three days. Because your hair will be greasy and this hairdo will make perfect sense, so grab your hair from the center and brush them back. Gather all the hair around and tie them in a lower ponytail. You can skip it and wrap it in a bun. Still, if you feel that the sleek bun is not happening then you can put the hair in a ponytail and then wrap the hair around it. Once, you have wrapped them use a bobby pin to pin up the rest of the hair.

Crown Ponytail

It is a not so super high ponytail. To make this ponytail, use a hairbrush to comb your hair from top to the bottom. You want this look to be sleek and pretty so grab all of your hair on the lower crown. It is the place where you have been making your ponytail for ages. So, make the pony and then grab a strand of hair from the lower end and wrap it over the tie band. This way your tie band will not be seen and your hair will look combed. It will for sure let others see that you have been attentive towards your look and work.

Braid Bun

Take some hair from the side of your head. Just from the top portion as if you want to make a puff of them. Once you have the section. Make its braid and tie it on the end using a clear or hair color tie band. Now, the front pieces are in place. Take the rest of the hair from the side and pin then up under the braid. Don’t pin them up on the crown, hit a little lower. You will have a clear look from the front and the lower end will be open. This will make you look a little fancier and that you have done something to not let the hair come on your face while you are attending the conference call.