What Causes Hyper-Pigmentation In The Dark Skin Tone & How Can You Cure It?

Hyper-pigmentation is basically when an area around your face gets much darker than the rest of your face. The reason for your skin getting darker from some point and not the other is the production of a pigment gland which is called melanin. Darker skin tones have already got a higher production of melanin, so whenever they come in contact with other factors responsible for the production of melanin they get it in much higher quality. So before we share any of this information further with you, we would like you to get to know the factors that can cause the higher production of melanin. So let’s get to the things you need to be taking care of.

Hot Climate


Whenever you are in hot climate natural the body temperature rises cause sweat, irritation, and acne. This will definitely increase the production of melanin in your skin and you will get dark spots around your face and under the eyes. Well, you can always take care of these things like if you are walking in the sun you need to be using a lot of sunscreen on your face. You can wear the summer hats which are a cool addition to your outfits. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes of dark circles. Your eyelids have to be darker than the skin tone. It is normal but the under eyes have to be in the same tone as the face.


The workout really seems to make the body warm which causes inflammation and that can lead to excessive production of melanin. Doing a rigorous workout isn’t right for your skin tone. You can go for a light workout to keep your body fit. Like yoga can be extremely beneficial for your health and skin. There is skin improving yoga which could help you out. So rather than going for the long sweaty runs, you must prefer to walk around. This will help you remain fit and take care of your skin at the same time. Besides, yoga is an amazing alternative rather the vigorous exercise. You may be interested in getting your body in shape which can be done by practicing light workout as well.



If your family has been going through the hormonal changes than you can have these in the future as well. There is a possibility that if you are ancestors have these issues so you must be having them in the near future. So it will be suggested that you take precautions from an early stage.
What Can Be The Prevention Or Cure?


You must have heard that you can cure hyperpigmentation when you exfoliate your face well. However, there are two types of exfoliator one is mild, and the other is a bit rough. So you need to sit with the mild exfoliator. Therefore, you need to be exfoliating your skin using a light exfoliator. The natural exfoliator like which are almond, walnut or apricot based can be harsh on the skin because the nuts particles are quite hard and don’t feel light on the skin. You can use natural products scrub like any fruit-based exfoliator will be a good one, be gentle on your face as you don’t want to harm the skin just get rid of the dark spots and white or blackheads.


The next thing that you need to be using is a sunscreen that has SPF 50 in it. You need to be using it in enough quantity. The SPF could really be a great help in bouncing back the UV rays of the sun which can cause irritation and inflammation. You must use more mineral-based sunscreen rather than the chemical ones as chemical ones don’t help as much as mineral-based do. The process of reflecting the rays is a little slow with the chemical-based SPF. This doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful but they react a little late than the mineral ones do.