What Is Causing Your Acne? What Are The Solutions?

Acne is a common problem people are dealing with these days. This issue is not only faced by the young generation but the elders as well. It is strange how when someone has crossed the age of thirty is still having acne. Well, this is not caused by hormonal changes anymore like in the teens. So what’s causing them at this point. This is what we are going to discuss with you today. We will get to the root cause of the acne and try to cure it from there. However, if your issue is serious we recommend you visit a dermatologist before using any DIY home remedies.
Mistakes that is causing you these breakouts

Usage of Hard Cleanser


It is done by most of the teenagers as well as the elderly. Rather than being gentle on the face, they over scrub it even while using a normal face wash. One should not starch their face even when you are washing face, over-cleansing can result in the removal of helpful as well as dirty bacteria. It is important to maintain the health of helpful bacteria. Thus scrubbing your face every day can result in more acne and breakout. You must clean your face regularly however, overdoing cleansing can be harmful.

Using Antibiotics

The role of antibiotics is to clean your body doing of the unwanted bacteria. If you take them once in a while, it is understood and can be dealt with. However, when you use antibiotics on an everyday basis you are dealing with decreasing immunity. How? When you start taking antibiotics every day you are making your body habitual to it. This habit will slowly make the antibacterial immune to the antibiotics and when this happens your pimples are worse than before. No one what to go to this stage therefore you need to evade these antibiotics from your routine.


This is a form of vitamin A; if you are using it then you don’t know its serious health issues. This drug has been banned in certain states due to its side effects. This can cause a decrease in eye power, hair loss, nose bleeding, etc. therefore one must no use this at all. There is a healthier way of consuming this vitamin which we will discuss further.
Solutions of Acne

Use of Cod Liver Oil

Cod is a fish, and we all know fish oil is beneficial for the skin. It is used in curing several skincare issues. Thus, one must initiate utilizing this oil in their life. If you are vegan or vegetarian then you must think of this to be something vital in curing your issues. Adding this can prove to be helpful. Or you can avoid other dairy products, such as full cream milk, etc. cheese can be taken once in a while.

Cruciferous Vegetable

The green vegetable should be a part of your everyday meal. These have nutritious fibers in them which make you food health and each to digest. When your liver is undergoing lots of pressure to digest food, it releases more amounts to estrogen produced by the estrogen gland, which is later reflected as a pimple on your face or skin. If you are suffering from PCOD then there is a possibility that you have a fatty liver. This can cause digestive issues and if not cure on time can lead to cirrhosis. Eating green vegetables will help your liver go back to its normal shape. It is evident that you must not include any sugary items on your list.

Diindolylmethane Supplement

One must include this along with the cruciferous vegetables to get rid of the acne issues forever. But before you begin with them you must consult the dermatologist about its effects and use on your body type. There are certain green vegetables that naturally contain this supplement such as sprouts, broccoli, kale, etc. If you mixed the two you will gain marvelous results. Don’t be impatient with your skin it takes time to heal.