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What to wear in fairy grunge aesthetic

One of the trending aesthetics in today’s time has to be the fairy grunge aesthetic. This aesthetic is a mix of the two very famous aesthetics namely fairy and grunge. This aesthetic is getting quite famous and a lot of people are styling up in this style. There are a lot of things that inspire this style. This is for someone who likes to be styled in the soft fairy style but is not a fan of those pastel colors and likes dark colors especially black. Are you interested in this alluring style of dressing up? Do you like being dressed up as fairies such as some dresses, skirts, corsets and other things? If yes, then you should try this style.

Given below is the list of clothes and items that are necessary when dressing up in a fairy grunge aesthetic.

  1. Lace dresses and tops

This aesthetic is a combination of fairy and grunge and so there are elements of both these aesthetics combined. In this style, you need to have some stunning tops with lace details or you can have some graphic tees to add the element of grunge to the outfit. To make the look fairy-like you can get some dresses that have lace details on them or you can get some flowy dresses for the look.

  1. Skirts

After dresses, one can say that skirts are the most sought-after cloth in this aesthetic. A lot of people pair skirts with either some tank top or some T-shirt. You can also wear some hoodies with skirts if you would want to. This style is a mix of softness and dark colors so the main color palette tends to be on either dull colors or black color. Flowy or pleated skirts are the ones used in this style. Usually, these are then paired with some accessories and with some leg warmers or stockings.

  1. Gloves and leg warmers

This style takes a lot of impotence to the gloves and leg warmers. Here the gloves are fingerless and need to be elegant and soft. The gloves have to be comfortable, soft, and should look good. You can get yourself some leather gloves to get the elegant look or you can go with the soft fur or wool gloves to keep you cozy. Leg warmers are worn when you are wearing skirts or dresses and the temperature is low. So to keep your legs warm and cozy but also make the outfit stylish these leg warmers are used.

  1. Chunky heavy boots

Chunky heavy boots are footwear or a lot of aesthetics. Here you can get yourself some stunning black chunky heavy boots to pair your outfits with. Chunky boots are common in both fairy and in grunge aesthetics but here you should try to get the chunky boots in only black color. These boots can be paired with any outfit in this style and can make the style and the outfit look complete. You need to try the shoes and boots before buying them as these boots need to be comfortable as well. Some of these chunky boots might look great and not be comfortable to move around in.

  1. Accessories like jewelry and bags

No outfit is complete without accessories. Here in this style you can get some stunning jewelry and bags and pair them with the outfits. For the jewelry, you can get some stunning fairy-styled earrings and necklaces or some bracelets and even some other hair accessories to make your hair look pretty, for bags you can get the ones that match this style having the essence of both fairy and grunge. These accessories complete the look and make your outfit and the whole look stunning.


You can get some inspiration from the natural elements in this aesthetic. Get inspirations, be creative, and style your own outfit in this stunning style. You can get the ideas and can get the clothes mentioned in the list above. Get some stunning accessories and get the makeup done to complete the look. There are so many elements in this style for you to know about and for you to explore this aesthetic. Create some stunning outfits and looks in this fairy grunge aesthetic.