Winter earring trends that will be quite big in 2020

When it’s winter, we all talk about clothes, shoes, bags and what not. But there’s a world beyond these things that can make your winters just perfect. No points for guessing; we are talking about the accessory, which is a great way to elevate the look and make yourself appear stylish and super chic in no time. There are so many things that fall under this category, but today we will be talking about earrings. It is one of the most important jewelry pieces that can work wonders for your look, so one has to keep herself updated with all the current trends and changes concerning earrings. Whether you are trying to make a statement with your earrings or want to reflect your personal style, these earrings are perfect pieces for you to try this season. There are a few earring trends that have been doing rounds and are worth following this winter. Listed below are 5 earring trends every girl must indulge in this season so that you make no mistake when it comes to staying high on fashion.

Structural hoops

Hoops are safely every girl’s go-to earring that they can carry to different events and occasions. And quite honestly, no matter what outfit you are carrying it with, hoops always manage to add extra punch to the look and make you feel like an absolute fashion diva in no time. Whether you are into mini hoops, larger than your face hoops, or multiple hoops combined into one, there are all different kinds of hoops that are a perfect fancy piece. However, like any other style, they also need a bit of update in order to keep them going ahead in the game. A structural approach is what may be the most suitable choice as they will add an extra oomph to the winter look and make you stand out very easily.

Shoulder duster earrings

Sometimes going maximalist with your earrings is the way to work up your outfit. And these shoulder-duster earrings can be just the right choice for anyone who is looking to create a fancy and glam look. These ’80s inspired high glam earrings hold the ability to dress up any outfit in the most glamorous way, especially the earrings that are bejeweled with stones and crystals like the chandelier ones. As far as this trend’s longevity is concerned, we don’t see them going out of trend any time soon.

Earrings with an earthy touch

When it comes to designing the earrings, inspiration can be taken from anywhere, and by anywhere, it can also mean including our dear mother nature. Those wooden elements and earthy tones are a great way to pay tribute to our mother nature and reflect the best of their ability to the world in the form of some really quirky yet stylish earrings. These earrings, in combination with some other elements like gold, silver, and even mirrors for that case, are worth experimenting with this season.

Chain link drop earrings

Without any doubt, chain-link drop earrings are one of the hottest earring trends that won’t be dying anytime soon. It somehow managed to withhold the test of time and is one of the beloved trends that can make you feel chic and trendy in no time. However, those simple chains may feel a little too boring, but you can easily update it by adding some adornments at the end of the chain like a pearl ball or stack of rings. These little embellishments will give it a perfect upgrade, making the trend feel newer all over again.

Silver sculptured earrings

While gold may be the go-to color for every fashion girl, but there’s this undeniable charm about silver jewelry, which makes it a perfect choice to try out this season. Considering everything, we have a strong feeling that silver might be making a strong comeback this year, and why not? Much like gold jewelry, silver jewelry also looks every bit of stunning and elegant, so it’s not too late to hop onto the silver jewelry trend. And speaking of sculptural earrings, these uniquely designed numbers might be what you need in your collection that can add an interesting flair to your look.

Fancy jeweled earrings

Jeweled earrings can never really go out of style, and for that reason, they always manage to be on trending list one way or another. However, this season is all about bewildered, bejeweled, and bewitched earring trends, which very easily can be incorporated into these kinds of earrings. Jewel tones paired with some fancy elements are a perfect example of the newer version. You can opt for vintage pieces that come in dark and earthy tones for a more appealing look.