Winter Staples that will take you to work & beyond

Whether it is your workplace or an outing with friends on a nice winter morning, everything must be defined with a style statement. you have the power to dress in the most exquisite pieces that will take you to work and beyond. There are some unique pieces that can be worn for both types of places and thus, we have listed them below for your notice. Have a look and pick the best ones!

A Sherpa Trucker jacket

Winter wardrobe calls for the collection of a lot of exquisite pieces that are not only warm but are also stylish enough to take you everywhere. Whether it is your workplace or your dinner outings or a Christmas party, you must dress up in the most gorgeous pieces for every event. This trucker jacket is one of the most gorgeous outfits ever curated because they are midway between a coat and a proper warm jacket. Serving the job midway, keeping in mind the kind of fashion you want to portray, this trucker jacket can be bought in a lot of styles like denim, fur, wool but we have picked Sherpa linen trucker jacket for the ultimate warmth and coziness. This comes with a colored sherpa lining which enhances the overall look of the jacket. Pair it with your denim or trousers or overlayer it on a dress. Pick your boots along and you are done styling a stunning winter outfit.

A Button-down sweater dress

Why pick cardigans and long coats alone when you can pick a combination of both? Well, this combination is one of the most amazing and innovative styles ever and has managed to create a rage in fashion. With this two-in-one combination, you can head to any office meeting or to a lunch outing or even for a night party. This button-down sweater dress is definitely one of the best picks for everyday winter styles and thus, your style quotient remains intact. The best thing about this dress is that it stays close to the body and hugs it in just the right fit. If you wear this one, there is no chance that you would feel cold because it is available in wool, faux fur linen as well as sherpa styles for the perfect warmth. Pair this one with your winter stockings and your ankle boots along for the ultimate style.

Long Fur coat

Faux fur just cannot be shunned when you are talking about winters. This is because it has the ultimate style as well as warmth when it comes to styling stunning outfits. Therefore, you need to pick this in any style you like. But we have picked a faux fur long coat because it has a unique vibe to it. With a long coat, your dressing looks more formal and poise. So, it is always a great and safe option to pick a long coat in any style. So, when its faux fur, how can we not count on it? Picking a faux fur long coat over a turtleneck sweater is a great combination along with your bell bottom denim and boots. This style will take you places- to work meetings and cocktail nights. This is actually the perfect weekend getaway outfit in winters too. Look stylish always!

A Corduroy Wide-leg Pants

If you are someone who does not like to overdo your outfits but also wants to look pretty and smart, then this is your definite pick. Corduroy is one of the most prestigious fabrics ever curated and they also have the potential to add warmth to your body all day. This pair of corduroy pants is definitely a wardrobe staple because it will not only make you look stunning every day but will also battle the cold season. If there is anything that you can do to enhance this look, then it would be to pick a similar corduroy jacket in the same color as the pants. Pick a contrast high-neck sweater and then, set out in the open to conquer the world. Keep it casual in a matching jacket and pants with white sneakers. Throw a winter stole if you want to.

A wool checkered skirt

Lastly, this piece is made for all those chic women who will do anything but not compromise on style, no matter where they go. This has to do a lot with the type of event you are going to. If you are going to a business event, you can pick it in solid colors. But if you are going to a casual lunch or a Christmas party, then you can pick it in fancy checks like red, blue, green. Color is definitely not a bar when it comes to casual outings. The wool fabric enhances the look and the check makes you look like dressing in a Bishop uniform. This style is a definite pick for everyone out there who loves to look like a diva. Pick stockings along, pair long boots and throw an overcoat for the sexiest attire.