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Zinc-rich foods to include in your diet for healthy skin

While there are a plethora of ingredients that are known to offer a myriad of amazing health and beauty benefits, there’s this one ingredient that has been gaining a lot of attention at the moment, and it happens to be none other than zinc. Commonly used in a lot of skincare products, zinc is an extremely beneficial skincare ingredient; it especially works wonders for people with oily skin. But that doesn’t mean people with other skin types cannot use this star ingredient, they absolutely can and should.

Apart from using zinc-based skincare products, you can also consider including zinc-rich foods in your diet in order to meet the zinc requirement for healthy skin. Zinc is one of the main keys to problem-free skin, and if you want your skin to look healthy and flawless, then you should include some zinc-rich foods in your diet right away.
Read on, as we take you through zinc-rich foods that you can include in your diet.


Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are known to offer an array of incredible health benefits, but they can be equally beneficial for your skin as well. Apart from delivering a sufficient amount of zinc content to your body, pumpkin seeds also provide a good amount of protein to the body. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds can help maintain your overall health, skin, and hair. If you can’t eat them in their raw form, then you can add them to your smoothies.



Oats are incredibly beneficial for health, but this breakfast staple can do a lot more than that. Apart from being a rich source of dietary fiber, oats are also known to contain zinc. Eating oats on a daily basis can help meet 16% of the daily requirement of zinc for women. Moreover, oats are incredibly easy and simple to make, you can simply add them to your bowl filled with milk, and if you want, you can also add some fruits to it to make them taste more delicious.



This is for all the sea-food lovers out there. If you are a fan of crabs, then you will be delighted to know that crabs are one of the richest sources of zinc. One serving of crabs can help meet 88% of the daily zinc requirement for women. However, the amount of zinc content in crabs can vary from species to species, but overall, it is one of the best zinc-rich foods to include in your diet, and if you like having seafood, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this one.



You have an amazing opportunity to meet your daily zinc requirements by including a plant-based option in your diet, and that happens to be none other than chickpeas. While it’s a very well-known fact that both legumes and beans are loaded with zinc, chickpeas, in particular, are known to contain an abundant amount of zinc. Eating a cup of boiled chickpeas every day can help meet up to 30% of the daily zinc requirement, other than that, it also delivers vegetarian fiber and protein to the body.



This is yet another great option for all the seafood lovers out there. Oysters are without any doubt one of the richest sources of zinc. It not only tastes delicious but also offers an array of benefits and helps deliver essential nutrients to your skin and hair such as vitamin B12. Oysters can meet up to 50% of the daily zinc requirement. Including them in your diet can help you achieve healthy and glowing skin, so if you can, then you must.