Instant Saviors for Your Damaged Hair

Instant Saviors for Your Damaged Hair

Are you someone who has recently turned away from your hair? Are you someone who isn’t giving time to your hair and now it is turning unruly? Do you think that not paying attention to your hair is bringing in consequences that you most obviously expected? You are just where you should have come. Here we are discussing the top 5 ways to save your hair instantly when initial signs of hair damage are beginning to show. We know you are concerned and so does anybody.


Now after these signs have begun showing up, take the first step towards providing ample care to yourself by taking a break which will give you more headspace to focus.



  1. Double-Cleanse

Little do people realize that cleansing is therapy too. Now that you have all the time for yourself, get up and put on an effective shampoo and lather while massaging. Immerse yourself deeply in the cleaning process. Touch every inch of your scalp and every strand of your hair and continue till you feel your scalp relaxed. Wash and pour shampoo water and lather again. This double cleanse would help smoothen the oily build-up that was ignored or not completely taken off otherwise.



  1. Moisturize and Mask

Conditioning your strands would tame the unruly effect and make them manageable and soft to the touch. This is one thing that can not be ignored and when not done sufficiently and timely, it fails to show its results. So, it will be nicer if you kept it on for 5-7 mins and then washed your locks while also delicately getting rid of the tangles. Apply a mask onto your hair, length to length, giving them extra moisture that they were not able to lock in.

Moisturize and Mask


  1. Giving Time and Being Timely

This is the most important step in your hair care routine, to give yourself enough time. When you are in a hurry, you tend to torture your hair and its roots in more ways than you can imagine. You give it loads of heat, comb through blindly and ineffectively, and do hairstyles that are not root-friendly. This way your hair become strained over time and the quality of your hair becomes weaker. It is hence important to give attention to the hair that it craves. Let dry your hair naturally. Don’t overdo anything at one point of time in a given day, rather distribute your routine throughout the day.

Giving Time and Being Timely


  1. Tie Loose

Your hair has been through a lot the whole week or the whole month. It only needs to rest a bit and focus on itself and rejuvenate with care. Now that your hair is dry, do not brush aggressively, instead go slower and natural, starting from the ends. Try to be more gentle while combing and comb your hair at least twice a day to keep those tangles at bay. Do not do tight buns, remember you have to give your hair some rest and feel like it.

Tie Loose


  1. Rest more

You have been tired of working and stressing out, maybe this is why your hair is falling out more often than it does naturally. Once you are all natural and feeling fresh, spend your day doing trivial things without engaging yourself in hard tasks that put your peace at stake. Read your favorite magazines, watch that show that you’ve been longing to, indulge in procreational activities, etc. Take the rest your body needs to empower itself!

Rest more



Sometimes little feels too much and a lot feels otherwise. We at times become too hooked on studies or work that we forget how essential self-care is and don’t let even let the thought enter our head because we have just freed our minds from somewhere significant. Amidst this, our hair care needs might and very often gets a node of ignorance. Don’t let the busy life believe you that your happiness only has one source rather try to be more regular with your regimens.