Outfits Ideas

Striking apparel styles for a great collection

Every outfit that we pick for ourselves involves a lot of thought process. This thought process is inspired by our personal style as well as our preferences. If one is open to experimentation and trends, then it is easier to adapt new styles and revamp the wardrobe. Some of the most amazing pieces are found when you are not looking for them and that’s why it is important to know what looks great and what doesn’t. Some fabrics and styles are timeless, they look incredible every time and everywhere you go. Such exclusive pieces are a must-have. We have listed our top favorite styles that you must add to your collection. Have a look and pick at least one attire in all these styles!

Cute Ballerinas

This will give you the absolute princess feels. If you love to experiment with apparel, then this one is your definite pick. As the name suggests, the ballerina style is a flared style with a lot of gathers at the waist. Because of these gathers, the dress or skirt, whatever you have picked looks extravagant and flowy. Since it is gripped at the waist and puffed otherwise, it gives you the feel of a princess or a dancer in full flare. You will feel all pumped up in this outfit and spring from one place to another. A pretty puffy skirt or a fancy dress in this pattern will be a great pick for your quirky parties. Pair this ballerina skirt with a tightly-fitted blouse and make your way through the party.

Velvet Blush

One of the most exclusive fabrics ever tailored in the fashion industry would be velvet. This is because there is a posh vibe to this fabric and nothing can match it. No matter what you do, this one will take you places in the fall season. It has feminine charm to it and it looks good for all your occasions. With the correct combination, it will look sophisticated for every party. Pick your velvet fabric in tight skirts, bodycon dresses and even your accessories like a fancy clutch. You can also pick velvet heels because they look very stylish when worn with subtle outfits. The velvet blush fabric has attracted a lot of love and attention always, so make sure you have it in your closet.

Extravagant Metallic

As the name suggests, this one is literally extravagant. It is not even sequin, nor it is gaudy. It is just the right amount of shine and has the perfect chic vibe to it. Metallic is basically anything that has a metal touch to it with a scintillating tint of colors and tones. So what happens is that you see a contrast reflection of the actual color. There is a dual-tone to the metallic dress and has a lot of vibrancy to it. If you love to look different from everyone else and put in efforts to curate an extraordinary look, then this metallic touch fabric would be for you. It will give you the satisfaction you need and also curate some not-so-common looks.

Sexy Sequin

Another gem in the fashion line! Sequins have die-hard fans and there is no doubt about it. This is because sequins are the most widely picked fabric for night parties especially. If you are someone who wants to dress in shine and style, then sequins are for you. You can make a great impact on others with this attire and impress the crowd. It will never flop your night look no matter what. Whenever you have speculations around this one, make sure you pair it up with a dark color combination to create a dramatic look. This sequin style can be picked in a lot of apparel styles like jackets, blouses, purse and even dresses.

Pretty Florals

Last but not least, florals had to be on the list. Florals always have some kind of vibe to them which makes everyone feel pretty. They are so amazingly curated that every floral print has a unique pattern that looks good at every occasion. They are cute and pretty so obviously they look too much feminine. If you are someone who loves to create cute looks and stays away from bold designs, then these floral prints are for you. Make sure you pick them according to your body type. This is because if you have a bulky body, you should pick mini prints. And if you have a petite body, you can pick any of them without much thought.