Fashion Guide

Amazing Styling Tips for Every Curvy Girl

Whether petite or curvy, we girls should feel very comfortable in our skin and shouldn’t feel conscious about what we have been blessed with. Whatever your body type be, confidence is the key to looking beautiful and glam, we should embrace each and every curve our body comes with. And we can’t simply deny the fact that girls with fuller figures look undeniably charming and the best amongst all. Even though it’s totally a person’s choice to wear anything they want but wearing something that won’t do justice to your beautiful curvy silhouette is not something we would recommend. Flaunt those curves with confidence and there can be no one stopping you from making all the heads turn. There are a few styling tips we have listed below that every curvy girl can swear by.

1. Pick the right lingerie

First things first, picking the right lingerie is the most crucial and essential part, all the girls will need to do before anything. It is the first thing that we put on our bodies before any outfit. A bra not only provides the support to the bust but also gives them proper shape and look. With that, it’s also important to pick the right size of the lingerie that feels equally comfortable as you wouldn’t want to go for one that will cause you any discomfort. It’s time we stop taking them for granted and pay heed while purchasing the lingerie. Because if you have the right lingerie on you wouldn’t need to worry about how your outfit looks as it will provide a defined shape and look to the body.

2. Dress according to your body type

Even though there are no rules or barriers on how one should dress up, there are certain clothes that suit only particular body types. If girls with petite silhouette try something on that will only look good on a curvy girl won’t do justice to their body figure. Similarly, if curvy girls try something that doesn’t suit them won’t do justice to their body type. It’s just not necessary what looks good on another person may look equally good on you too. The secret key to acing your look is to dress up according to your body type only. Furthermore, if there’s an area in your body that you would want to highlight, then you can opt for outfits that will draw attention towards that area.

3. Footwear

Dressing up all fancy but not carrying the right footwear can easily break your outfit in a go. Having the right footwear is as important as having the right outfit as it holds enough power to make or break a look. Opt for footwear that blends nicely with your outfit. You can choose from neutral colored shoes to open-toed shoes to pointed shoes, they all will work in your favor. Just make sure your footwear doesn’t draw all the attention as it may make you look shorter and a little larger.

4. Befriend bodysuits

Bodysuits are one of the best things that could happen in the fashion world. They are amazing, comfortable, easy to carry and let’s not forget it also acts as a great shapewear. For every curvy woman reading this, it’s time you start befriending bodysuits as they will turn out to be one of the best purchases you would have ever done. You can easily wear it under your bodycon dresses to give it a very smooth, seamless finish look without worrying about visible bra lines or panty lines. It is also known to enhance your curves in a more amazing way.

5. Ditch baggy clothes

Clothes that are on the baggier side are not the smartest choice for women with curvy body type. Most of the girls think that baggy clothes serve as a great alternative in hiding or covering those bulges in order to make yourself look slimmer. But that’s not true at all in fact, it’s quite opposite to what you all believe. Baggier clothes can make you look broader than you are. So always pick clothes that flatter your curves and not the other way around.