Shoe styles that look impeccably chic with midi skirts

It’s that time of the year again where we will begin to bring our breezy and flimsy clothes to the front of our wardrobes and transition it into a summer wardrobe. A handful of items like breezy skirts, easy-going denim shorts, flowy dresses, and loose blouses come to our easy rescue every summer and help us get through hot summery days, which can be quite unbearable at times. Summer is also the time when the fashion lot starts to sport midi skirts, which happens to be a versatile wardrobe staple. Midi skirts also make an excellent transitional piece; they can be sported during spring and fall when it’s still slightly cold outside.

Other than the top, the choice of shoes can also impact the way your outfit appears. And when it comes to midi skirts, luckily, there are a handful of shoe styles that look impeccably chic with them. If you are even a tad bit curious to know about those shoe styles, make sure to keep scrolling below.

Barely-there strappy sandals

Barely-there strappy sandals are one of the best options to consider. Granting how effortlessly chic and elegant they are, they look really amazing with midi skirts. The best part about these barely-there strappy sandals is they look incredibly well with every kind of midi skirt, so you can always reach for your favorite pair of naked strappy sandals when it comes to dressing up your midi skirts. If your skirt features bold prints or embellishment, you should opt for a neutral or metallic color.

White sneakers

On days when you are not in a mood to dress up your midi skirt and want to keep the vibe of the look cool and relaxed, you can always turn to your favorite pair of white sneakers to do the trick. White sneakers will never fail you; they will always be there to help make your outfits look more elevated, including midi skirts. Whether it’s a silky slip midi skirt or floral/polka-dot printed skirt, you can add a relaxed and cool-girl vibe to your look by wearing a pair of white sneakers.

Sandals with block heels

Block-heel sandals are one of the most practical shoes out there. They are much more comfortable to walk in as compared to stilettos or pumps. Moreover, block-heel sandals look impressively chic, contemporary, and effortlessly cool with almost every outfit, including midi skirts. Whether you are heading to your workplace or having brunch with your friends, you can slip into your favorite pair of block heels to complete the outfit and make it appear more elevated.

Pointed-toe kitten heels

A pair of pointed-toe kitten heels is easily one of the best shoes to wear with your midi skirts. Apart from the practicality of this shoe style, their ability to make your midi skirt look more sophisticated and polished is what makes them an excellent pair to consider when it comes to dressing up your skirt. Additionally, kitten heels are ideal for both office and party settings, you can totally make them work for your office as well as parties.

Flat sandals

Not a fan of heels? Yet want your outfit to have that feminine and delicate vibe? Look no further than a pair of flat sandals. While nothing can beat the charm and elegance heels add to your midi skirts, flat sandals can also manage to make your midi skirts look impeccably chic and cool. If you want to keep your look relaxed, comfy, and a bit laid-back, flat sandals would be your best bet. You can either opt for a pair of embellished sandals or sport simple slides depending on the kind of look you are trying to create.