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5 commandments to follow when wearing a bright lipstick

Lipsticks are fun to play with, especially when bright and bold colors are in question. Just one swipe of bright lipstick across the lips transforms you from drab to fab in no time. While most women prefer wearing nude or light lipsticks, winters are for bold and bright lip colors, therefore, you shouldn’t let go of this opportunity to make a statement with your lips this winter. Bold and bright colors complement every skin tone, but still, some women feel such colors are not for them, which is untrue.

Bright and bold lipsticks are pretty statement-making, but they aren’t as easy to pull off as they look. flakiness, ugly smears, uneven color fading are some of the issues most women face when wearing bright lipstick. But wearing bold or bright lipstick doesn’t always have to be a big headache, you can pull it off gorgeously by following a bunch of commandments.


First things first, wearing any lipstick, let alone a bold lipstick on dry and flaky lips will only end up enhancing the dryness, which doesn’t look pleasant. The lipstick ends up clinging to the dead skin and settles into the creases and fine lines, which doesn’t look pretty. One of the only ways to deal with this issue is by exfoliating your lips. Winter leaves the lips extremely dry and flaky; exfoliation becomes even more important in this season. Therefore, you should indulge in regular exfoliation. Take your favorite lip scrub and exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin cells, which will make your lips soft and smooth.


Once you are done exfoliating your lips, apply your favorite lip balm to your lips to make them feel moisturized. Apart from using a lip balm after exfoliation, you should apply it daily before going to bed to wake up to soft and moisturized lips. Look for a lip balm that contains nourishing ingredients in order to provide an extra boost of moisture to your lips. Additionally, you should always apply lip balm to your lips before using any lipstick.

Create a smooth base

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the color pay off lasts longer and your lipstick looks perfect is by creating a smooth base. In order to create a base, you will need your foundation or concealer. Apply a thin layer of either of the products across your lips. It won’t only give your lipstick a base to cling onto and make your lips look even-toned but will also make your lip color last longer. If your lipstick starts to come off or fade quickly, this trick will make sure that your lipstick stays put for hours to come.

Line your lips

Lip liners are ultimate life-saviors. When used correctly, they can prove to be of great help and make your lips look more pouty. Lip liners not only help in the precise application of the lipstick, but they also help to prevent the issues associated with bright lipsticks like fading and bleeding. When it comes to choosing the shade of your lip liner, you should always pick the one that is the closest match to your lipstick or is one shade lighter. Line your lips with the selected lip liner and make sure to not overline your lips.

Choose the right shade

Applying a lip color that doesn’t complement your skin tone is one of the major beauty faux pas. Wearing the wrong shade will either make you look washed out or mature, therefore, you should pick the color very carefully. People with fair skin tone should settle for deep reds or bright pink. Women with medium skin tone can rock almost every shade, and as far as deep skin tone is concerned, fuchsia pink, burgundy, and wine shades are the best options to consider.