Straight Haircuts You Can Use in Office

Straight Haircuts You Can Use in Office

Straight hair looks sleek and modern. Its low maintenance profile suits the fast-track life of the cities. People with curly yearn for freedom from maintaining curls all the time to prevent frizz and tangle. In short, a straight haircut goes a long way.

For an office look, women and men prefer sleek and well-kept hair and the same is also the most suitable one. This is so that you don’t have to think a lot about your hair when getting ready. Keeping these points in mind the following list of ideas was prepared for you to choose office-suitable hairstyles from. Keep reading!


  1. Mid-Part (Curved)

Shoulder length

This simplistic haircut looks basic but isn’t. It is versatile actually and has a lot of movement because of its proximity to the neck and head. This one would flow short and is a bit curved inwards to circle some shape of your face but in reality, it defines the face and the neck together. Edgy and straightforward in approach. Many people go for balayage for this one because they love how specific the color flows through in a short space.

Mid-Part (Curved)

  1. Mid-Part (Solid)

Armpit length

The same as the first one but is more lined than usual. This one almost looks too laidback since hair this straight is least liked and especially with the uneven bottom line. You may or may not skip that one and go for straight ends like the previous one. The only difference noticeable here is the ends are not curved towards the face rather are kept hell straight. But the hair globally should be kept at around the same length.

Mid-Part (Solid)

  1. Stylish Side Part

Bra-strap length

This hairstyle comes layered in many ways so go for it if you have long hair. This hairdo will happen with many layers starting from the jawline. The bigger part sweeps backward while the smaller part curves the face. People will bigger faces will love this kind of hair. The remaining length is cropped in layers and styled in the front. Fancy statement earrings are good to go with this haircut.

Stylish Side Part

  1. Heavy Bangs

Armpit length

The main purpose of these loaded bangs is to make your head look short and your face shapes slimmer. A lot of bangs are grouped right above the eyelids while the rest of the hair is puffed up and then flowed downwards without curving them. This results in a fuller scalp but the ends remain blank. All the focus is drawn to your forehead. This one is a favorite among office workers.

Heavy Bangs

  1. Soft Curtain Bangs

Bra-strap length

This medium-length beauty cut includes curtain bangs mid-parted with the rest of the hair flowing in an ‘S’ like fashion. Since we are looking for straighter hair, the rest of the length Is not touched much leaving the flare of curtain bangs and the hair intact. This haircut appears soft with a hint of natural wave potential. The length of the bangs ends at the tip of the nose.

Soft Curtain Bangs

So here were some easy-going and movement-filled hairstyles which help you to stay fresh and edgy all day while you work and make a name. These hairstyles will help you have a grip over yourself because you will be fussy with a mess-free haircut. It is also recommended to get hair done so they stay a certain way. It will help you have clean-looking hair throughout the year.

You can explore these options and wear one according to your face shape and style. This one will get you through weeks without much investment of time and effort.