Cutest Hair Accessories for Curly Hair

Curly hair

Do you also have gorgeous curly hair? Are you planning to expand your hair accessory collection? If yes, then be assured because there is a huge range of accessories you can choose from for your unique hair type. We are here to discuss 6 such beautiful additions to your accessory collection out of the avid variety to help you choose the best one for yourself!

Here are the Cutest Hair Accessories

1. Ribbon Clips

Hairstyle – swept-back loose hair or low ponytail

Bow clips

These clips give a more voluminous look to your gorgeous-looking locks. The clips have a huge ribbon (made out of sheer fabric, satin, or silk) of various colors attached to a sturdy hair clip. Just brush your hair back and put this clip to hold hair from both sides, with its extensions running parallel to your hair. Place it in the middle to achieve a graceful hairdo. This makes your hair look pretty present and moves along with your hair. Do that flip!

2. Scrunchies


Hairstyle – pineapple ponytail or high ponytail

Scrunchies are a great addition to your hairstyle, especially when you have very tight curls. This can bring more texture to itself as it is more ruffled up and bigger in build. You can add significant color to your outlook with a scrunchie. Donning a high pony or a very high pineapple on your head through this hair tie is an absolute win! They come in cotton, silk, satin, and in different prints for you to choose from!

3. Beaded/Pearly Hair Tie

Hairstyle – any ponytail

Beaded/Pearly Hair Tie

To have added glitter to your being. No matter how curly your locks are, these extremely pretty hair ties are not just unique but also universal. They look great on all hair textures, though, but when added to curly hair, these hair ties make ponies look like those princesses! You can match your outfit easily with pearly ones. If you wish, you can add more bright colors with beaded hair ties for a fresh summer look. Why be basic?

4. Pleated Headband

Hairstyle – loose hair or high ponytail

Pleated Headband

There is nothing that parallels this graceful hair accessory. Want to enjoy your makeup routine? Put on this headband to push back hair off your face. Want to go out in the sun carefree or go shopping? Pick a pleated headband that pairs with your summer dress. Getting ready with your tiny girl? Make a twisted color twinning with her!

5. Hair Piece

Hairstyle – loose side-swept hair, side-braided hair or bun

Hair Piece

Hair pieces are like little crowns or jewels on your hair. They come in various designs, made mostly out of metal but could be diversified to a great extent. There can be added pearls, feathers, flowers, rhinestones, semi-precious stones, etc. or they can be of geometrical or asymmetrical shape. Hair pieces can be put on anywhere on your head, behind a bun, over a bun, on side-swept hair, around a bun, through a braid, or under a braid.

6. Bow-Knot Hair Clip

Hairstyle – high ponytail or high bun

Bow-Knot Hair Clip

The bow-knot is a little shorter than a ribbon tie and more standard because ribbons can be played along variedly. This one is a great pick for a very young girl who fancies a high ponytail or a high bun. Place this hair clip at the front of her pony, hiding the tightened hair tie or the tight bun. You can also use it when you are making a pineapple pony when you have relatively shorter hair. They are great décor pieces for curly hair.

Bottom Line

Hair accessories can look a little too big when the right shape and placement are not well thought of. To avoid such mishaps, research on your end some looks to be able to figure out the ones that are suited for your hairstyle. Clips, ties, and bands should accentuate your style and haircut well enough to not look bulky and overbearing. Their work is to beautify. These will work with your curly mane better than anything else. So go and shop them before anyone steals the show!