5 Most Elegant Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Hairstyle

Are you looking forward to the wedding of your loved one and are invited to the bridesmaid team? Are you surfing the internet hard for fashion inspiration these days? Look no further. We, here, talk about 5 different hairstyles appropriate for a bridesmaid’s taste and style that are not only fashion classics but also decorous and graceful. These hairstyles will pair beautifully with your bridesmaid outfits and make heads turn!

Stylish and Elegant Hairstyle Ideas for Bridesmaids

1. Bob with Bangs

Preferred Color – Brunette

Bob with Bangs

Bob is cute, but the one with added bangs at the front looks more natural than crisp which is why they are softer and more approachable for such official engagements. This hairstyle will beautifully suit your oval or heart-shaped face and can be paired with mini bridesmaid dresses with less flair and more embellishments and embroidery, preferably bodycon or v-shaped. Go with deeper shades of fabric and minimal jewelry.

2. Center-Parted Straight Hair

Preferred Color – Brunette Ombre

Center Parted Straight Hairstyle

This classic hairstyle is an easy pick, though, and an evergreen choice. The hair is sleek and more manageable, and it gives more space for accessories to shine by providing a clean and elegant canvas. Although the best pairings would always be ankle-length, sophisticated dresses with little movement and a slim fit, this settles with anything. This is a face shape-friendly hairstyle too because it is versatile – looks good on most face shapes like square, heart, diamond, and oblong. Donning heavy jewelry would be an added advantage!

3. Long, Tight Curls

Preferred Color – Brunette or Red


This voluminous hair is an absolute bounty. Exploring the fun-loving you, drowned in the excitement of events happening near you, this hairstyle will win hearts! You may get your straight or wavy hair tightly curled by a professional, or if you already have such curls, consider this a great opportunity to flaunt this feature of your beautiful self. Pleated maxis, wrap-up dresses, or interesting asymmetrical dresses are wonderful pairings with that hairstyle. You can choose small cluster earrings that will be hidden in your locks and peek out when you want!

4. Wavy Bob

Preferred Color – Grey or Blonde or Brunette

Wavy Bob

Wavy bobs are hard to pull off, but there are great dress options with this one. For example, high and low, layered, peplum, asymmetrical, and mermaid dresses look fabulous with wavy hair like that. For a plump round, round oval, oval, or diamond face, hair looks naturally voluminous yet clean-edged. The style is very movement-friendly and can be molded to fit in more pearly accessories that will go with your chosen or bride-specified dress.

5. Braided Straight

Preferred Color – Brown or Balayage

Braided Hairstyle

This would require you to get a straight-rim haircut first so the volume is well distributed throughout the length of your hair. Some length is needed, of course, but braiding them in the front will not only give a fresh and complex outlook but also maintain the flair you want with the rest of your bare length. It is a great help in achieving a classy look. Natural or neutral makeup, as well as smoky eye makeup, looks charming with such a hairstyle. It makes for an alert and sensitive bridesmaid!

Bottom Line

Weddings are one joyous event that stays in our memories for months and years. We feel at home in the love and affection of those who love us, and we take pride in our togetherness. When it comes to deciding how we will present ourselves, we become extra conscious and are quickly burdened with the need to look our best. But don’t worry, because these hairstyles will take good care of your fashion goals while you cheer on the bride! Enjoy!