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Brilliant ways to rock pink eye makeup looks

If you are active on your social media accounts, you must have come across several pink eye makeup looks. The reason why we all are spotting pink eye makeup looks all over our social media feeds is it is one of the hottest makeup trends of the season. A pink eye makeup look is having a moment right now, hence the rage. While we certainly are left surprised by this recent discovery, we also cannot deny the fact that pink is one of the prettiest and soothing shades out there. There’s something about this color that instantly brings a smile to the face and adds so much life to the look. But it’s as easy to go wrong with this color as it is to use it correctly, especially when it comes to makeup.

When done correctly, pink eye makeup looks can help make your eyes pop in the most magical way and make all the heads turn. If you want to hop onto this trend, make sure to read through the entire article below as we have got a handful of amazing tips up our sleeve that will help you to rock pink eye makeup looks like a pro.


Pick a soft shade

Depending on the kind of eye makeup look you are aiming to create, you can pick a shade of pink accordingly. But if you want to ask for our personal opinion or wish to create a delicate look, you should stick to using a soft shade of pink. You don’t always need a popping pink or fuchsia to perk up your eyes, softer shades of pink can also do a decent job when it comes to making your eyes pop. You can rock this shade to work as well as at the lunch party, and instead of using a shimmer eyeshadow, you should opt for a matte one to make your eye makeup pop out more beautifully.


Pick a shade with a pearly or shimmery finish

It is a big misconception that pink isn’t a party color, it definitely can be a party color, you just need to pick it in the perfect finish. Also, you don’t necessarily have to use dark and loud shades to create a smokey eye look or to add pink to your eye makeup, you can simply use a lighter shade of pink in a shimmery or pearly finish to create the perfect party look. After using eyeshadow, make sure to apply dark eyeliner and coats of mascara to finish off your look.


Give a barrier line a try

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of using pink eyeshadow on your entire lids, then here’s an easy way to incorporate this color in your eye makeup look. This trick is an incredible way to elevate your pink eyeliner, and it’s also quite easy to create. After wearing your eyeshadow, use your normal eyeliner. Once you are done with that, take your pink eyeliner and draw a thin line right on the top of your original eyeliner.


Wear a pink eyeliner alone

This one is another interesting and quirky way to rock a pink eyeliner, it will help to switch up your makeup look in the best possible way. Pick a shade of pink that will look the most flattering on your complexion, the trick is to use a shade that will stand out on your skin tone. While neon is a more suitable option for ebony skin tone, shades like fuchsia and other darker hues look amazing on pale skin. One of the easiest ways to make sure that your pink eyeliner is popping up is by tightlining your eyes with a black or brown eye pencil.