Follow these hair care habits for healthy hair

Each one of us wishes to flaunt celeb-like hair, while some girls are blessed to have naturally healthy hair, there are a few of us who have to put in extra efforts to keep the locks healthy and lustrous, which basically means getting regular hair spas and other treatments. Other than that, the right hair products also help to make a huge difference and change the way your hair looks and feels. While these things certainly help you get those healthy-looking and shiny locks, incorporating a few healthy hair care habits to your routine can prove to be a game-changer. And if you are looking forward to changing your hair care game, you have come to the right place.
Developing these simple hair care habits is all you need to do to flaunt your tresses just like your favorite actress, so without any further ado, let’s take a look at all the healthy hair care habits you need to add to your daily routine.

Use a wooden comb

When it comes to brushing your locks, you should always do it using a wooden comb or a boar-bristle brush. Combing your hair before going to the bed helps your hair in a lot of ways, such as improving blood circulation in the scalp, distributing the natural oils to strands to reduce frizziness, and much more. You should only brush your hair either using a wooden comb or boar bristle brush, using a plastic comb can cause static, which can result in hair breakage.

Use a silk pillowcase

Having the right pillowcase is as important as having the right comb. A cotton pillowcase can prove to be very damaging for your tresses; therefore, you should switch your cotton pillowcase with a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can cause friction between your hair strands, leaving them tangled, frizzy, and eventually resulting in hair breakage. Hence, you need to switch your cotton pillowcase with a silk pillowcase right away.

Practice stress-relieving activities

The high-stress level is one of the main reasons for hair fall. Both mental and physical stress can take a toll on your body, and this can eventually result in hair loss. Therefore, it’s imperative that you practice some stress-relieving activities and work on alleviating high-stress levels. You can do those activities daily for a couple of minutes, and this will help to make your hair healthy and lustrous.

Say no to tight updos

As tempted as you might feel to tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail, you should refrain from doing it very often. You might be used to tying your hair up in a knot or pony, and that’s somewhat fine, however, it soon becomes a problem when you start doing it more often. Tight updos do more harm to your hair than good, they can put extreme stress on your hair follicles, leaving them weakened over time. Other than that, rubber bands can also put some pressure on your delicate strands, therefore, you should use a cloth scrunchie or hair clip to secure your hair in place.

Maintain your scalp health

Other than taking care of your strands, you should also pay attention to your scalp health as well. The better you take care of your scalp, the healthier and lustrous your tresses will appear. Besides using a clarifying shampoo and scalp scrub, you should regularly use hair masks and treat your hair to a good hot oil massage session. Having a healthy scalp will automatically make it easier for you to achieve the hair of your dreams.