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Incredible reasons to switch to a microfiber towel

As much as we appreciate the existence of hair dryers and other hair tools and thank them for simplifying things for us, our lives were pretty much sorted before the existence of these products as well, and perhaps life before these hair tools was better, at least for our hair. Air drying and towel drying were the only two methods we mostly relied on before hair dryers made their way to our lives. Air drying is known to do very little to zero amount of damage to your hair, so you can never go wrong with this method. But when it comes to towel drying, the results mainly depend on the kind of towel you have used.

While the right type of towel will work favorably for your locks, the wrong one, on the other hand, may end up multiplying your hair woes. Therefore, you should pick your hair towel carefully. We are sure you must have heard of microfiber towels and how every hair expert or beauty enthusiast encourage using these microfiber towels to keep your hair healthy. We are also here to suggest you the same, but if you want solid reasons to make this switch, then continue scrolling below.

Dries your hair really quickly

Our hair can take minutes to hours to dry completely, but a microfiber towel can help to dry your hair in half the time your hair usually takes to dry. Microfiber towels are made using fibers, which also comprise one-fifth of human hair. These densely packed fibers do an excellent job of wiping your hair and scalp, other than that, they also soak up water pretty quickly, thereby drying your hair faster than it takes normally.

Keeps your mane healthy

Rubbing your regular towel against your hair is known to do more harm to your locks than doing good. This not only results in friction and split ends but also ends up weakening and damaging your cuticles and causes your scalp to overproduce oil. And when it comes to microfiber towels, they don’t pose any such issue; in fact, they help keep your mane healthy and tangle-free without doing any damage.

Feels gentle on hair

Unlike cotton towels, microfiber towels don’t feel harsh on hair. Cotton towels can strip your hair of essential moisture, leaving it dry and damaged. They also end up damaging your hair cuticle and roots, leaving your mane brittle. You won’t be facing any such problem with microfiber towels; they are gentle in texture, so even if you decide to rub these towels against your locks, no amount of damage will be caused to your mane.

Tames the curls

Dealing with curly hair is not so easy, but the right kinds of products can help boost the health of your hair and tame your curls. And a microfiber towel is definitely one of those products. Curly hair takes quite long to dry completely, and allowing water to sit on your hair for a long time can actually end up doing more harm to your mane than doing good. That’s where microfiber towels come into the picture. Considering they help absorb all the water quickly, they work well for curly hair, and at the same time, help tame the curls.

Doesn’t leave traces of lint in your hair

One of the most common problems with normal hair towels is they often leave lint balls in our tresses, and sometimes they aren’t even noticeable due to their small size. These lint balls affect the health of your mane, but if you don’t want that, then you should invest in a microfiber towel right away. Microfiber towels don’t leave traces of lint in your hair, therefore, they are completely safe to use.