Know all about different types of frame styles

Choosing glass frames for yourself can be quite tricky and fun part as well. Gone are the times when glass frames used to be boring, today they come in all different styles and shapes. There are vast and varied options to choose from. You can pick the one that suits your style and emphasizes your look in the best possible way. Having the right and stylish glass frame on, you wouldn’t need to worry about looking very regular and boring.

To brief you about some of the frame styles, we have gathered a list of a few of them that are quite popular and demanded. Read on to know about them.

1. Cat-eye glass frames

This frame style is one of the most popular and well-demanded choices in the market. It reminds us of the retro era which comes with a touch of chic and trendy factors. They suit the majority of face shapes, however, suits the best on people with prominent facial features or people with round faces. Cat-eye frames help in sharpening softer facial features and gives them a more defined look.

2. Square shaped frames

Such a glass frame looks the best on people with round face shape. They are a little quirky, fashionable and are very much in right now. People with round face shape can swear by this glass frame as it gives your face a more structured and defined look. Frame styles like wayfarers are probably the best choice when it comes to choosing one as they not only enhance your face but also make it look slimmer and longer. This frame style may also suit heart and rectangular face shapes.

3. Rimless glasses

These frames are the perfect choice for people who want their glasses to be very simple and minimal but also want them to look stylish enough to add personality to their looks. They come in all different shapes, from round to rectangular they all look pretty amazing. However, they might be more pricy than other frames due to their expensive material and also because the lenses of such glasses are quite sturdy.

4. Semi-rimless glasses

Unlike rimless glasses, these glasses aren’t entirely frameless. In fact, the top half of the lens features a nice frame whereas the bottom half of the lens doesn’t come with one. They look pretty cool and are a nice alternative to those rimless glasses which may look a little bit too boring for some people. They also come in different shapes such as rectangular and round ones. When it comes to choosing this frame for a particular face shape, they look pretty amazing on people with square face shapes.

5. Low bridge frames

Say bye-bye to your glasses that keep sliding or slipping off from your nose. Low bridge frames are here to come to your rescue as they are specially designed for people with a lower nose bridge. Such frame styles not only offer functionality but also look uber cool to style on a regular basis. Having them on you wouldn’t need to worry about constantly adjusting your specs.

6. Aviator frames

Aviator frames are also quite popular choice amongst the consumers. They seem to be a new take on traditional style with a hint of modern touch to them. The best thing about this frame style is that it suits almost every face shape. These frames are the perfect choice for people who are looking to create a strong statement with their glasses. They come in all different types of materials, you can pick the one that feels the best to you.