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Mix And Match: Create A Unique Outfit

Unique Outfit

Sometimes, our regular way of wearing clothes can become tedious and very ordinary. Well, for most people, looking ordinary is nothing much to consider, but for fashion-loving people, looking ordinary is like having a bad day. Most people can understand the feeling but don’t know how they can change the look of different clothing pieces by mixing them to make a unique outfit. We also need to be creative while keeping trends in mind and then decide with which piece we can become creative. In this article, we will follow some ideas on how we can create something new out of ordinary clothes we all might have. 

Show Your Creativity With Your Outfit 

1. Watch Out For Your Tees 

Watch Out For Your Tees 

Regardless of gender, we will all have some T-shirts with us that are either fitted or baggy or maybe with a regular fit. T-shirts can be used in a person’s outfit in many ways by understanding what we want our outfit to look like. A solid-colored t-shirt can be paired with different patterns, and it is better to keep the bottom flowy, such as straight or wide pants or maybe skirts. Meanwhile, with a patterned t-shirt, you need to be wise while choosing the color of your bottoms. Similarly, with loose t-shirts, one should keep their lowers more fitted. Often, people are scared to pair their tees with skirts, which should be justified, but the critical factor to making such a look work out is to make sure the color matches. Another thing to do in such outfits is to identify the key element, whether you want your tee to pop up or the skirt. If you know the colors well, you can make every mix work out. 

2. Make Your Shirts Worth It 

Make Your Shirts Worth It 

Wearing a shirt is for more than just your office. You can make your formal shirts look chick by adding an informal element to them. Wear your solid-colored shirts with denim bottoms or maybe with printed flowy skirts. Add a layer to your shits, and try making a dress out of oversized shirts with the help of a belt; one can literally play with anything if they have a vision for their outfit. Use a formal shirt for informal occasions. A white shirt can be worn with jeans, shorts, and skirts; the same goes with other colors as well. 

3. Layer It Up 

Layer It Up 

It is hard to do, but layering is a way to accentuate your overall look. Outer layers add more definition to a look, which can be created with the help of a solid-colored outfit playing canvas. For example, a black dress can work well with different patterns of the outer layer; you can pair the dress with other jackets, outerwear, overshirts, etc. But again, you need to focus more on your outer layer than the inner one. Either you can create a canvas by pairing a solid color with the upper and bottom and focusing more on what you are going to add over it, or you can use different types of layers to make one outfit. 

4. Monochrome Look 

Monochrome Look 

Creating a monochrome look is not just about buying an outfit with an identical pattern. Monochrome can be achieved with matching colors as well. You can match a sweater with culottes in the same color family and still look chic effortlessly. Whether you pair a cozy-knit sweater with wide-legged trousers or a fitted turtleneck with tailored culottes, it will look sophisticated as long as you are in the same color family. 

5. Urban Bohemian 

Urban Bohemian 

Bohemian is a very daring style to carry, but urban bohemian is where you mix patterns and textures to create a well-balanced and sophisticated look. For example, you can wear a striped turtleneck, which will provide a modern edge, with wide-leg palazzo pants to add a free-spirited touch. Further, you can elevate your whole look with a wide-brimmed hat and ankle boots. Creating these types of outfits is very fun and yet challenging at the same time because the patterns to be used should definitely be considered appropriately. 

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Bottom Line 

Mixing different styles and creating new outfits with the help of other boring pieces of cloth is very challenging. Whether you want to look comfortable with your tees, have your formal shirts uplifted, add layers to your outfit, be a monochromatic genius, or create an urban bohemian style, you need to understand your colors. Matching different colors and patterns is a job too risky, but if you have a vision, everything will work out.