Sensational outfit Ideas to ace the 70s Disco Party Look

Disco outfits are identified with their bright and funky colors in the most sensational dresses every curated. Even a regular dress with a lot of bling and extraordinary colors has the power to make you look retro and perfectly ready for a 70s disco party. Check the following edits and flaunt them for your next theme party!

Pick a Sequin Jumpsuit

The best way to dress for a night party and more precisely a disc party is to pick something blingy and shiny. For this, you might think of a sequin top or a shiny shift dress but if you want to dress in an unconventional manner, think out of the box. The best way to dress in a unique way is to pick a sequin jumpsuit that not only looks charming but also brings out the bold side of your personality. A jumpsuit is anyway the most exquisite piece ever curated and if you are thinking of making it edgy, then sequin would be the perfect fabric for it. A disco party is supposed to be lively and happening. That is why your outfit should also look the same. Go for this one and slay!

Pick a 70s Disco Suit

The best way to dress for a disco party is to pick a disco suit specially designed for such parties. You cannot wear this one to any other formal outing or a cocktail party. This is because it has some unique blingy features that are too much in the face. That is why you should pick it in the right shade and with the right amount of sequin. Pay homage to the traditional 70s fashion by wearing a disco suit and slay in the entire party. This disco suit is an all-over and looks extravagant because of the designing as well as the fabric used. For a bold look, opt for an all-white or silver ensemble. If you like color, go for a colorful tank top inside and leave the front of this suit open.

Shiny Neon Pants are a thing

If you thought that dresses and blouses were the only thing neon in the present fashion era, you might have been mistaken. The best way to add oomph to your look and to dress up on the cutting edge of fashion is to pick a pair of neon pants. These neon pants are the most extravagant style on bottoms you will ever see. The trick is to pick this pair of pants in the correct neon color with a touch of bling and shine to it. These pants will go with every neutral color that you own in your wardrobe. This combination of a tightly fitted blouse and neon pants will be extra chic and will turn heads around in every party. If you are someone who likes to mix and match different pieces together, then this will be your go-to look. You can also try a bold red pair of pants with black for a mainstream but chic look.

A bold Leopard Midi Skirt

A mini skirt is anyway one of the most unique and sexy pieces in fashion, so if you wish to curate a stunning look for your party, this is your thing. All those women who have petite figures can easily flaunt this on and look sexy effortlessly. The thing about prints and patterns is that they are eye-catching and have the potential to add life to your outfit. If you want to look playful and stylish but do not want to overdo it, then this leopard skirt would strike the perfect balance between bold and beautiful. Pick a form-fitting mini-skirt along with your tights if you want and wear a solid top above. You can also pull off a trench coat for a dashing look.

Select Fringe Blouses

Fringe has always been a thing of the past and has managed to stay put in our closets for such a long time now. If you think a little fringe here and there look pretty, you are right. The best way to pull off the 70s disco party look is to pick a fashion wardrobe that not only grabs attention but also looks stunning. This sensational piece of fringe fabric is one of the most gorgeous pieces ever and you must pick it right away. Dangling fabric hanging along the neck, on the back or along your arms is the perfect way to grab attention. What a pair of stereotypical pants or jumpsuit cannot do, this fringe blouse will.