4 Hairstyles that can make you look younger

Your skin is not the only thing that can make you look old from appearance, your hair also plays an important role in influencing your outer appearance. The way it is cut or styled certainly makes a huge difference and can easily be a decider that can make you look either old or young. Instead of going to dermatologists to fight off your wrinkles or fine lines, you can call up your dresser and fix an appointment with him/her to get your hair as well as the aging problem fixed. You may not believe us, but the right and the most flattering haircut can work magic for your looks and make you look 10 years younger than your real age. A fresh haircut can work wonder for your facial features and open them up like nothing else such as high cheekbones, bold brows, fuller lips, etc. Even though your hairdresser might give you some suggestions on what hairstyle will work best for your face shape and hair type, we would like to give you a few suggestions from our end as well. We have listed 4 hairstyles which we believe can be the most age-defying haircuts to try this year.

Front Bangs

Bangs might just be the only thing you needed to look younger and it is undoubtedly a great way to take a few years off your appearance. However, it may only work if done the right way as bangs that are too short can easily emphasize wrinkles and fine lines and we are trying to achieve quite the opposite of that. Hence, one should be extremely careful while instructing their dresser as one wrong move and you will be left disappointed with how things turned out. Bangs are also believed to work well for people with broad forehead and not the people with smaller ones as getting them can easily draw attention to facial features which is not what we want.

Layers on shoulder-length hair

Layering is something that may or may not work for you and this entirely depends on what kind of layers you are getting, as, if done the wrong way can leave you with a dated look. Whereas, if done the right way, no one can stop you from rocking fuller and volumized mane. For a maximum effect, it is recommended not to go shorter with layers and let them fall past your shoulders. Basically layers shouldn’t be shorter than your shoulders, rest you can also once crosscheck with your dresser as the length of the layer may also vary according to your face shape. So go minimal and ask for face-framing layers that can add some definition to your look.

Bob haircut

Going shorter with your hair may sound a bit intimidating to you but there’s no denying the fact that shorter hair automatically gives more confidence as well as helps in making you look more youthful. The way these layers frame the face and sits just around the jawline help in defining the outline of your face. This haircut also helps in diverting attention to your best features and lifts them up like nobody else.

Side-Swept bangs

Bangs are undoubtedly a life savior and we can’t thank them enough for existing. And talking about these side-swept bangs, this hairstyle may be the best choice for all the girls who have got flat hair and angular features as this hairstyle will help in working these things in your favor only by adding some lift at the end as well as the roots of your hair. Keep the length of hair shoulder-grazing and the bangs layered. As far as the partition is concerned, a deep-sided partition is what will work best for you as it will give an illusion of fuller hair and will also emphasize your eyes.